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Workers do maintenance work at an air-conditioned glazed footbridge in Dubai.

Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has completed maintenance of 67 footbridges, including 5 air-conditioned glazed bridges across various areas of Dubai in 2022, in line with the traffic safety strategy’s implementation plans aiming at providing a safe infrastructure for pedestrians.

These bridges also contribute to providing an integrated network to facilitate pedestrian movement between neighbouring areas, and provide seamless and safe travel with innovative, sustainable mobility solutions and services to make every journey in Dubai a world-class experience.

10 lifts installed

The scope of maintenance works carried out over a full year, included the installation of 10 electric elevators for several bridges as a preventive measure for the safety of footbridge facilities. These efforts stem from RTA’s keenness to use the latest management, maintenance and sustainability practices in respect of assets to ensure safe transportation means for pedestrians enabling them to cross the roads safely and efficiently.

“RTA is taking a series of regular preventive measures and making field visits to verify the quality and operational condition of various road facilities. Accordingly, it decides on the scale of maintenance needed for those facilities, which are highlighted by pedestrian bridges, the main means of crossing the road smoothly and safely,” said Hamad Al Shehhi, Director of Roads and Facilities Maintenance, Traffic and Roads Agency, RTA.

“Maintenance procedures of pedestrian bridges could be divided into three categories: preventive routine maintenance on scheduled dates, and corrective maintenance carried out to rectify faults as well as when detecting a drop in the performance level. Maintenance is also undertaken based on a detailed inspection using sophisticated devices such as vibration measuring devices, acoustic frequency measuring devices, temperature measuring instruments and others, to predict the condition of bridges proactively to ensure their sustainability and efficient operation.

Public's role cited

“The scope of footbridges maintenance operations cover construction, civil and electromechanical works, including but not limited to: painting and coatings, soundness of air-conditioners, lighting systems, electric elevators, electric escalators, fire detecting and fighting systems, electric doors, and a remote monitoring system,” he added.

Al-Shehhi praised the public’s communication with RTA through official channels in reporting cases observed on pedestrian bridges and other affiliated facilities. Raising such reports reflects the awareness and traffic culture of community members and users of public transportation means, their concern for the safety of lives and public property on the right-of-way, and the aesthetic look of Dubai.