Motorbikes will have to be parked at the designated parking slots by paying the required fee. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: Motorcyclists will now have to pay for parking at all paid parking zones in Dubai, just like other vehicles, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has confirmed to Gulf News.

Until recently, motorcycles across the city parked for free, mostly parking on the pavements, roadsides and at alleyways, which will now attract fines.

Though, the paid parking system for the motorbikes was not announced by the RTA, the parking inspectors have already started issuing fines to motorcyclists parking in the non-designated areas.

According to a RTA spokesperson, motorbikes will have to be parked at the designated parking slots by paying the required fee, in case there are no designated slots available in an area regular vehicle parking slots could be used.

“There are some dedicated parking slots for motorbikes in the emirate of Dubai. However, motorbikes are treated like normal Vehicles and can use any normal parking in the city,” said the spokesperson in a statement to Gulf News.

The RTA spokesperson says that according to Executive Council resolution No. (5) of 2016 for regulating car parks in Dubai, motorbikes are treated like normal vehicles.

“Accordingly, motorbikes can use either dedicated parking for motorbikes or any normal parking according to the proper use of public parking and without violation of any of public parking regulations,” the spokesperson added.

The RTA official clarified that there will be no special tariff or discounts for motorbikes.

“Motorbikes should pay the dedicated tariff when they use any paid parking in Dubai using the different payment methods offered by RTA. Motorbikes should use the public parking according to same conditions and regulations applied to normal vehicles,” the spokesperson said.

In case, if the motorcyclists are concerned about their inability to display the parking tickets on their vehicles, the spokesperson said: “We encourage all road users to use smart payment services and motorcyclists should use smart parking app or SMS to pay for parking, if they fear the paper tickets could be stolen or blown away if left in the open.”

The announcement has left motorcyclists, majority of whom are low income workers and delivery boys, scrambling for space.

“There is hardly any designated parking slot for motorbikes in Dubai and it is hard to find a regular space in many areas I don’t think motorbikes can compete with other vehicles to find a parking spot, it will add to the city’s parking woes,” said Mohammad Khalil, an Egyptian delivery boy.

Another delivery boy said that the paid parking will make their job more difficult.

“My job takes me around the city to places where there are no parking spaces easily available. I can’t waste my time searching for parking every time I have a delivery,” said Shankar Prasad, who works for a Dubai-based delivery firm.

Another expatriate, whose only reason for buying a motorbike was to avoid the traffic tailbacks and parking issues that regular motorists face, the initiative doesn’t serve any purpose.

“If motorbikes have to pay for parking then more people will sell their two-wheelers and more cars will be on the roads. I have been riding a motorbike for so many years and mostly park near the entrance to my building. But recently I have got two fines for illegal parking. I can’t pay Dh4 per hour to park my motorcycle,” said another Indian expat.