Dubai: A pregnant Emirati woman and her teenage daughter were killed in Malaysia on Sunday afternoon after the car they were in skidded and hit the road divider.

The family from Dibba Al Hisn were on holiday at the time. The 34-year-old woman who was six months pregnant was identified as H.A.A.S. and her 13-year-old daughter was identified as M.A.M.A. The teenager died at the scene after being thrown out of the car, her mother died while receiving treatment at Tapah Hospital.

The car was heading north when the driver is believed to have lost control and hit the road barrier and then the road railing on the left side. The car stopped in the emergency lane facing south.

The family was being driven to Penang for a holiday when the accident happened, according to Tapah Police.

The driver of the car, Musleh Hamid Abdo Mohammad, from Yemen, has fled and police are looking for him.

Police said the dead woman’s husband, A.M.A., aged 38, their eight-year-old son S.A.M.A., and their five-year-old daughter M., were unhurt while their other son, M, aged 11, suffered a slight head injury.

The UAE ambassador to Malaysia, Abdullah Mattar Khamis Al Mazroui, who was at the hospital, said the embassy received a call about the accident at 1.30pm.

He said the embassy would transfer the injured boy to a hospital in Kuala Lumpur while the bodies of the deceased would be flown to the UAE as soon as possible.