Dubai: Dubai Traffic Police issued 388 fines to vehicles carrying excess loads during the first seven months of 2015.

Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of Dubai Traffic Police, said drivers need to comply with the permissible load limitsso they do not endanger their lives or the lives of others, as overloading a vehicle can cause the vehicle to be imbalanced and hence difficult to control.

“We noticed that many vehicles are flouting this rule in the past few months, which makes the drivers prone to losing control of their vehicles and overturning. This often leads to tragic consequences and that is why we are focusing on this issue,” he said.

He added that people’s safety and making Dubai roads safe is their top priority.

Colonel Saif Al Mazroui said in previous years many innocent people lost their lives because of this phenomenon.

The fine for carrying excessive load or protruding load in light vehicles without a licence is Dh200, seven days’ impoundment and three black traffic points.

The same violation for heavy vehicles is punishable by seven days’ impoundment, six black points and a Dh500 fine.

In January, police issued 43 fines for carrying excessive loads, 48 in February, 81 in March, 45 in April, 93 in May, 43 in June and 35 in July.

Col Al Mazroui urged drivers to abide by traffic laws and regulations, and to be attentive when driving to avoid unnecessary accidents.