Asma Haq

Embark on a personalised design journey with Asma Haq as she brings the magic of Ash Interiors Consulting from London to Dubai. Thanks to Haq's unique touch in fixed furniture design, spanning kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices, spaces are transformed into a haven of style and functionality.

What makes Ash Interiors Consulting your go-to design partner? Firstly, it's the artistry in fixed furniture design that sets it apart. Imagine your kitchen becoming a culinary masterpiece or your home office a productivity haven; this is the essence of what Ash Interiors Consulting specialises in.

But it's not just about beautiful design; it's about crafting spaces that truly resonate with you. Haq’s collaborative approach stands her out in that she doesn’t solely design; rather, she engages closely with her clients, working cohesively with suppliers to bring visions to life. A dream space is a collaboration between desire and expertise, and Asma ensures that every detail speaks to individuality.

Beyond the tangible, Haq delves into the subtleties that elevate any living experience, in particular, colour psychology and mood lighting effects. She recognises how colour can impact mood and utilises the interplay of paint colour and mood lighting to create spaces that not only look stunning but also contribute to positive well-being.

And as the world shifts towards sustainability, it is vital that dream design aligns with strong ethics and values. Asma’s commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable products is not just a design choice but an enduring commitment towards a greener future. With COP28 having just taken place in Dubai, Haq and Ash Interiors Consulting will ensure that any space is not only aesthetically pleasing, but crafted with the environment in mind.

A journey with Ash Interiors Consulting is a very special one; it is an invitation to embrace living artfully. Specialising in fixed furniture, collaborating with you at every step, and weaving the magic of colour, light, space, beauty and functionality, Asma will transform your space into a reflection of you. Welcome to a world where your dream home becomes a reality, one thoughtfully designed, one detail at a time.