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Topcon Corporation – a veteran manufacturer of optical instruments including total stations for land survey and construction – has recently launched its next-gen GT-1200/600 Series Total Stations in an attempt to boost global infrastructure.

The company believes that as the population explodes, the demand for food, housing, roads, and utilities will grow exponentially. Topcon aims to bridge the demand-supply gap by developing innovative positioning solutions powered by cutting-edge technologies.

The system has been designed for heavy-duty performance and data handling, with the latest field-to-office connectivity. The tracking speed and accuracy of the GT series coupled with an intuitive software establishes a holistic solution capable of meeting all the complex requirements of the engineers, surveyors, and contractors. The speed, tracking and accuracy of the GT-1200/600 Series creates a flexible solution capable of satisfying the technology needs of surveyors and contractors performing survey, layout or machine guidance projects.

Topcon Corporation takes pride in being a technology solution partner for leading construction, agricultural and geospatial companies worldwide. “Every product we create is developed to suit our customer’s specific needs,” says Yoshiaki Kataoka, General Manager, Topcon Positioning Middle East and Africa. He further adds that the company has specialised in manufacturing the highest standard products, integrating technologies that define the future.

The Geodetic Total Station GT-1200/600 Series is in a class of its own and has successfully raised the industry standards. The embedded smooth drive control and advanced motor control technology enhances prism tracking and drastically improve the overall workflow. The latest motor control technologies also facilitate easy auto-tracking.

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The new total stations introduced by Topcon can perform at a stunning 10Hz positioning update rate. Integrated with the new field computer and updated software, the GT series makes tracking much easier and intuitive.

The flagship series is a part of a full workflow solution, widely known as the Hybrid Positioning Systems. The entire system comprises GNSS positioning and optical robotic measurements on one rover pole. The system has been built to work in sync and ensure improved performance and higher data handling capabilities. All the instruments have proven to perform better in the field when compared to stand-alone robotic systems. It has also proven its versatility over RTK-only solutions.

“Our clients can seamlessly gather more layout and survey more points channelising lesser resources,” says Kataoka. He adds that surveyors, contractors, heavy machinery automation operators, and construction workers can immensely benefit from the flagship GT-1200/600 Series due to time savings and accuracy it provides. “The speed and tracking prowess of the new GT series is a perfect solution for the surveyors and contractors who need to perform survey, layout, or machine guidance projects.”

The flagship GT series is versatile and delivers the most accurate and productive workflows in the industry for surveys and constructions that require a high level of precision. The GT-1200/600 Series has etched a mark in the industry as it successfully surveys more points in less time, and with improved precision, according to the company research and development team.

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The Hybrid lock feature that comes as standard ensures fast prism acquisition in dense areas, while the hybrid switch alternates between optical and GNSS measurements with a single screen tap. The Hybrid positioning technology helps the operators obtain the updates of the location via GNSS receivers, allowing the positioning data points to be captured even when there is a loss of line of sight due to obstructions.

The precise positioning capabilities, ability to perform with a single-person operation, high-speed ultrasonic motors ensuring intelligent control of the robotic total station, and ultra-fast prism tracking make GT-1200/600 Series the best in the segment. The advanced UltraTrac prism tracking allows working with the total station locked onto the environment even in the most challenging environments.

The speed of the motor can be swiftly increased or decreased through the control pads. High-speed rotation is a feature that, according to Topcon, drastically reduces the rotation time to turn the units to specific angles. The built-in smooth drive control technology smooths the motion rotation and enhances the durability of the ultrasonic motor. The engineers have performed stringent quality checks to ensure that the product lasts longer and serves better.

In terms of the software upgrade, MAGNET improves field-based quality reporting, handling of large data sets, graphical processing, and 3D models. The new software comes loaded with exhaustive visual and map-based workflows along with menu-driven functionality. The new software does an exceptional job in improving usability and tracking, even in demanding geographies.

The entire GT Series workflow solution package comprising MAGNET software, FC-6000 field computer, and HiPer Series GNSS receivers form digital processes aimed at helping surveyors and contractors improve their precision, reduce effort, and double-down on quality control. The easy-to-use digital processes offer accurate results, which translates to significantly less work and a higher degree of quality control. Being built keeping in mind the mobility essential at a job site, the GT series serves all the purposes for layout, survey, and machine guidance.

The GT-1200/600 Series also comes equipped with the auto-aiming future, implying that highly accurate measurements can be obtained even with a rough aim. The equipment can provide constant accuracy and speed even if the operator isn’t highly trained.

The next-gen prism tracking allows easy operability in all conditions, even in extremely low light conditions or when there is no line of sight due to obstructions or strong sunlight. The reflector-less measurement allows easy measuring or laying out of any point or feature, including laser pointer guidance. The GNSS technology precisely measures points, even in low visibility conditions.

The GT-1200/600 series has been developed considering the present-day needs of the surveyors and construction workers. The multi-level accuracy modes, flexibility to integrate with BIM workflows, and IP65 dust and water-resistant certification make it one of the best choices in its category.