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The players have landed. The fans are converging. All eyes are shifting to Qatar as the country hosts the Middle East’s first-ever football world cup, and anticipation for the opening game – where the hosts take on Ecuador – is hitting fever pitch in the buildup to the grand opening ceremony today, November 20.

One of the biggest draws of the world’s greatest show is its unpredictability, with an enigmatic blend of skill, tactics and luck determining the ultimate winner. While Ecuador is just six places ahead of Qatar in the global FIFA ranking, the team’s experience may prove too strong for the first-time Qataris – though the passionate home crowd could push the Gulf team over the line. It’s a tough call, but it’s one you could be rewarded for making. Signing up for TrueWin, a rapidly growing online gaming platform, offers players a shot at guessing the right result to win real, instantly redeemable cash prizes.

What is TrueWin?

Based in Abu Dhabi, TrueWin is an award-winning online platform that offers players the chance to win cash by playing exciting online games and predicting of sports events including football, UFC and Formula One.

TrueWin features a broad repertoire of games. Some of them are fun twists on classic card games, such as Red Black Poker, Hi-lo Poker and Spin Poker, while others rely a little bit more on luck, like Classic Roulette, Super Ocean and Colour Prediction – a host of virtual scratch card games.

In the Sports section, fans can win cash based on the odds they’re playing against. For example, if you’re putting in Dh10 to predicting Argentina beats Saudi Arabia – a meeting of FIFA’s third- and 51st-ranked sides – you could win Dh11.8. However, picking Saudi Arabia would give a return of Dh182.8, should the kingdom prevail, while a draw gets Dh726 – based on this outcome being far more probable than a Saudi win, but still a lot less likely than an Albicelestes victory.

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Perhaps even more exciting is TrueWin’s In-Play Sports section. Here, you can engage with dynamic odds and place wagers on the outcome according to the shifting tides of probability. Taking the aforementioned match, should Saudi No. 9 Firas Al Buraikan score a penalty to level the scores in the 85th minute, you’ll suddenly find odds of his team winning significantly shorter than you would have before the game – meaning a Saudi win would win less money for those predicting it after the equalizer. Conversely, backing Argentina to win at this stage would pay out more if the prediction is made following Al Buraikan’s goal.

TrueWin’s staff includes researchers and data analysts whose job it is to carefully calculate the fairest odds on every game this World Cup to ensure a fair and balanced experience for players. What’s interesting about the platform is its teams of developers and product specialists who use the data on player habits or patterns to continually evolve the offering, rolling out games that are always improving.

The platform is one of the fastest-growing start-ups in the UAE’s burgeoning games industry and its simplicity of use is one of the key factors behind its early success. It’s only available for players over 18 and registration takes just a few steps. Once a player is in, they can place a single, multiple or system (combined) wager.

TrueWin’s stated mission is a simple one: to give customers the best gaming and money-winning experience in a safe and secure environment, thereby creating one of the most trustworthy and socially rewarding gaming portal in the UAE.

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