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Battery-powered outdoor security cameras are relatively easy to install because they are wireless and don't require a nearby outlet for power, but you still have to change or recharge their batteries several times a year. This is not the case with eufyCam 3, eufy’s first 4K Ultra HD resolution camera, featuring colour night vision and an integrated in spotlight.

The new cameras also come with solar power capabilities and theoretically, you will never have to expend your home electricity to top up the 13,400 mAh battery of the cameras by only providing two hours of direct sunlight a day. The 4K resolution of the cameras is also instrumental for reliable surveillance during the day and night, and for keeping tabs on who and what comes through your residence.

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Nowadays, most security cameras send a notification for everything and anything they detect. To avoid creating a constant stream of false alerts and eating up storage space, eufy’s developers have integrated their proprietary BionicMind self-learning AI to the HomeBase 3, which acts as a data hub for the two included eufyCam 3 cameras.

“We believe that there are still several pain points in home security that need to be addressed,” says Faraz Mehdi, General Manager, Anker Innovations, MEA and South Asia. “Most current home security systems are digital video recorders triggered by motion, creating a constant stream of false alerts and massive amounts of wasted video data. Our new eufyCam 3 solves both issues while keeping our commitment to customer privacy and value intact. Moreover, our customers pay no subscription fees for storing or accessing their data.”

As the brain of eufy's new smart home ecosystem, HomeBase 3 employs BionicMind technology to recognise and self-learn the faces of people, pets and objects that enter and exit your house. With time, the machine learning technology will be able to notify you when your child gets home from school, a parcel has been delivered nearby, or an unrecognised figure is loitering around at night. HomeBase also categorises the faces that it records so you can search for a specific person within the eufy security app.

HomeBase 3 supports up to 16TB through an external hard drive and comes with 16GB of free, 256-bit encrypted local memory for storage. There are no additional costs associated with using the cloud because all of your data is saved locally.

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If you're looking for a wireless outdoor security camera that will run forever on a single battery charge (provided there is direct sunlight to the cameras), look no further than the eufyCam 3. The eufyCam 3 is the among the best wireless security cameras you can get right now. With 4K video recording during the day is very crisp and the night vision also looks great. Moreover, featuring expandable storage space with no additional fees is definitely what puts the eufyCam 3 on a pedestal.