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It seems as though in today’s fast-paced world we are either working in the office or doing chores at home leaving us minimal to no time to ourselves. One of the biggest home chores that takes a significant amount of time is sweeping and swabbing the floors. Given the amount of work that needs to be done these days, it’s tough to get excited about anything – until now.

The eufy WetVac W31 vacuum cleaner makes cleaning easy and quick. This high-powered vacuum mop collects all the dust and mops the floors at the same time, cutting down the time spent cleaning your home by half and enabling people to invest their time in things they love to do.

Vacuum and mop at the same time

The biggest advantage of investing in a eufy WetVac W31 is the ability to vacuum and mop at the same time. At 2,500 rpm, the rolling brush efficiently lifts dirt from your floors as the 12,500 Pa suction power draws it in so that you get a deeper, more thorough clean. It also has a 600ml water tank that pushes a continuous stream of fresh water to rinse the rolling brush as it mops the floors.

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What makes the eufy WetVac W31 even more special is its ability to switch between modes in a quick and agile manner. Cleaning hardwood floors, carpets and tiles can be done seamlessly without stopping for even a second to change extensions or vacuum heads. No matter what the surface, the vacuum mop can clean any mess created by beans, oatmeal, eggs, spaghetti, art supplies, pet food, wet fur and much more. This is certainly a revolution for the home appliance industry as people do not need to pre-prep a surface for a thorough clean - everything can be taken care of in one swift motion.

More hygienic as it is able to self-clean

The eufy WetVac W31 was engineered keeping users’ health in mind. There is a separate tank that stores dirty water and the unique design splits wet and dry messes for easy and hygienic cleaning of the tank.

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There is an added level of convenience and peace of mind with using the eufy WetVac W31. As soon as you are done cleaning, just place it back in the charging base and it starts to clean itself. The company claims that it takes 75 seconds to self-clean the rolling brush and approximately 180 seconds to self-dry leaving it fresh, odour-free and ready for the next clean.

Powerful minimalism

What people should appreciate about the eufy WetVac W31 is how all that power and performance is accommodated in such a minimalist design. Unlike other cordless vacuum cleaners that come with a variety of parts and accessories (that are seldom used) the WetVac W31 offers exactly what is needed for its purpose.

There are just eight items in the box: the WetVac W31 unit itself; a multi-surface rolling brush; a carpet rolling brush; a hard-floor cleaner; a filter; a charging base; and a cleaning tool.

Convenient displays and notifications

Smart LED screens are becoming the norm in the cordless vacuum industry so that users have all the relevant information at a glance. However, the eufy WetVac W31 takes things one step further with voice prompts. This simple feature on the W31 alerts users audibly as to what is happening and they do not need to spend extra time and double their efforts to clean a specific area.

In short, the eufy WetVac W31 is one of the most powerful and versatile hybrid vacuums available in the market today. Its ability to self-clean is a much-appreciated bonus and makes the act of cleaning and mop an easy and pleasurable activity rather than a mundane chore.

If you want to save time, then investing in the eufy WetVac W31 is definitely worth it.

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