Beauty salons
Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikka | Gulf News

Sharjah: In a strategic move, Sharjah City Municipality (SCM) has unveiled a comprehensive awareness and promotional campaign as part of the Sharjah Health and Safety Programme. T

his campaign is geared towards engaging more than 3,000 establishments, including hair salons and beauty shops, with the goal of fostering a culture of best health practices among their employees.

This initiative aligns perfectly with SCM’s broader strategy to bolster public health in Sharjah city while ensuring the safety of its residents. It underscores SCM’s commitment to raising awareness about health and safety within the community.

The municipality is actively collaborating with hair salons and beauty centers to transform the behaviour of their employees through specialised training programmes.

Field visits

The objective is to instill the highest and most globally recognised health practices in these establishments, ultimately enhancing the well-being of their clients and employees alike.

Head of Health Standards Conformity Department in Sharjah City Municipality, Sheikha Maha Ali Al Mualla, has outlined the details of a targeted campaign aimed at salons and beauty centres.

As part of the initiative, field visits to these salons and beauty centers are conducted to educate their workforce and offer a comprehensive understanding of the program’s significance and their essential role within it. Furthermore, training sessions are provided to ensure that employees are well-versed in implementing good health practices. In parallel, awareness materials are being disseminated via social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

Training materials are also provided in several languages, with extensive visual instructions.

Safety training

The Sharjah Health Safety Programme, similar to the successful Sharjah Food Safety Programme, strives to transform the behaviour of salon and beauty centre employees by training them in the adoption of sound health practices.

This is particularly crucial since these facilities can serve as fertile grounds for the transmission of infections through close contact, both direct and indirect, between service providers and clients. Additionally, the improper use of shared tools can further exacerbate the situation if proper health practices are not adhered to.

Al Mualla highlights that participation in the Sharjah Health Safety Program is imperative to strengthen the role of these establishments in safeguarding public health in Sharjah City.

Good health practices

It not only educates their employees about good health practices but also enhances their overall efficiency and performance. Ultimately, it bolsters the confidence of their clientele in the services they offer, thereby enhancing their commercial reputation and boosting their financial returns.

She pointed out that the Sharjah City Municipality believes community partnership plays a key role in enhancing sustainability and quality of life in the city, and is keen to seek the help of specialised and accredited companies to provide the necessary training on good health practices, as the municipality provides these companies with various services that include training its staff, and issuing and renewing registration certificates.