Leaving children in parked cars could be fatal, especially in summer. Picture for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Sharjah: A little boy was rescued after getting trapped inside his parents car in Al Nahda on Sunday night, according to a statement from Sharjah Police.

Police swung into action after receiving an emergency call and were able to save the Asian boy, whose age was not disclosed.

A statement said that the boy was in danger of suffocation due to high temperatures inside the car. He was apparently left inside the vehicle by his parents by accident after they left without noticing he was still inside.

“The boy couldn’t open the doors or lower the window to get air,” said a police statement. “We didn’t know where the parents were so we opened the car and rescued the boy. He was still in good shape,” the statement added.

Police contacted the boy’s parents and referred the child to a mobile police station to hand him over to his parents.

The call reached the mobile police station as part of the ‘Safe Neighbourhood’ initiative, which was earlier launched by Sharjah Police to increase security in residential areas.

Sharjah Police have urged parents not to forget their children or leave them unattended inside cars.

Police said that parents should look after their children after parking their cars as leaving a child behind in trapped car can lead to death, especially in summer time.

Safety tips

■ Call the emergency and rescue number as soon as you find a child locked inside the car.

■ Do not panic, as any sign of you panicking may scare the child further.

■ Try to cover the car from direct sunlight in order to maintain the temperature inside.

■ If the emergency responders are taking a longer time to arrive, the best intervention is to break the glass

■ Target the side window glass farthest from the child to avoid glass shards hitting the child.

■ Use any small pointed object or stone to hit the glass with just enough force.