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The new service aims to enhance the importance of the role of community members as partners in social responsibility. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Sharjah: In a new initiative, the Sharjah Police is asking residents to help them fight negative incidents by encouraging them to report them through the ‘Guard service’ on the Sharjah Police app.

The service enables the user to report any negative incidents observed in Sharjah by visiting the website or Sharjah Police app.

The new service aims to enhance the importance of the role of community members as partners in social responsibility by maintaining security and preventing and reporting negative incidents in the emirate. Colonel Nasser Saeed bin Afsan, Director of Electronic Services and Communications at the General Department of Resources and Support Services at Sharjah Police, said the service, which was launched through the electronic platforms of Sharjah Police, gives members of society a sense of social responsibility and their commitment to it. This leads to the importance of raising awareness and promoting social responsibility for the members of the community of the emirate. He stressed that the service will strengthen the ties of community partnership, which the Sharjah Police is keen to strengthen with various segments of society by increasing community awareness of the importance of taking precautionary and preventive measures against behaviour that violates the law of the land.

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Public can access the “guard ” service via Sharjah Police website or via the smart application of the Sharjah Police. Image Credit: Supplied

Col. Bin Afsan pointed out that the process of using the service goes through several specific steps that are easy and streamlined, and allow all members of the Sharjah community to provide information about crimes and multiple negative phenomena through the electronic platforms available by Sharjah Police.

Col. Bin Afsan mentioned that the first steps start with locating the negative phenomenon / wrong behaviour as the service is equipped with a feature to locate it through the GPS, followed by the step of choosing the type of crime/negative phenomenon such as annoying vehicles or begging and others. What distinguishes the service is the presence of an optional feature that allows attaching or taking pictures of the subject to be reported so that the report can be sent to the competent authorities after confirming its authenticity and taking the necessary measures confidentially, as the service is completely secure, ensuring privacy of the person reporting without mentioning any data related to it.

Col. Bin Afsan explained that there are many negative issues and phenomena supported by the service, the most important of which begging, which is considered a seasonal phenomena that increases during religious and social occasions, in front of commercial centres or in residential places that would exploit the emotions of community members to obtain money. Another phenomenon is that of noise pollution resulting from the noise and disturbance of vehicles inside residential neighbourhoods and the noise of large vehicles, which has health repercussions, or drug issues.

Col. Bin Afsan stressed the Sharjah Police’s keenness on the necessity to encourage the preventive role of the community to neutralise these phenomena and at the same time break the psychological barrier between the police and community members in a way that enhances trust and deepens the relationship. It is important for community members to be among the lines of defence of its society by monitoring negative behaviours and negative phenomena in cooperation. With the police through multiple means, up to the most recent one, which is the application of “guard”. the principle of community security and safety is the responsibility of everyone in the UAE to be one of the most secure and stable countries.

Public can access the “guard ” service via Sharjah Police website or via the smart application of the Sharjah Police available via smart phone applications.