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Sharjah: A baker was caught on camera licking his finger and then touching bread in a Sharjah bakery shop.

Sharjah resident, lawyer Ebraheim Al Housani, told Gulf News when he saw the baker doing this, he took a video clip of the act and immediately contacted the authorities, who responded to the complaints.

Al Housani said: “I didn’t like to interfere or talk to him [baker], and I preferred to record the act to prove the situation in front of the competent authorities. I preferred to report immediately without [alerting] the baker because the state has made every effort to educate people and shops and guide them to act properly during this [COVID-19] crisis.

"In addition, this behavior is inappropriate and unhealthy in all cases and in other circumstances. We are disturbed by the presence of such behaviors in licensed stores within the country, and this license stores and shops generates confidence among the consumer that this store maintains safety conditions," he added.

Following the complaint, the bakery was shut by Sharjah Muncipality and the baker was taken in for questioning.

The Municipality official said they received a report from the Sharjah resident about an Asian man licking his finger and touching bread at the bakery, which would in put in jeopardy the health and safety of the public and so inspectors were sent to the bakery to investigate the issue.

The Sharjah Municipality has confiscated all the products from Al Gharb bakery after the authority verified the contents of the video.

The municipality has informed the Sharjah Economic Development Department, which is the only body in the emirate authorised to issue shutdown orders.

The municipality official stressed that the health and safety of consumers is its “top priority” and it ensures this through routine inspection visits to ensure compliance with health standards.