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Curator Tosin Oshinowo will talk at the event on 'Material and Land Narratives' at the Sharjah Architecture Triennial on Saturday Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Sharjah Architecture Triennial (SAT) activities for the public day will be held at Al Qasimiya School in the emirates starting on February 17.

The programmes for the second edition of the event titled ‘The Beauty of Impermanence: An Architecture of Adaptability’

The event related to the Material and Land Narratives will include an introduction by curator Tosin Oshinowo on Saturday. It will be moderated by Wayne Switzer, Architect and Educator. The Sharjah Architecure Triennial is being held from February 17 to March 10.


Earlier in the day, Felipe Gutierrez will lead a Workshop on Earth Architecture: Material and building techniques and, in parallel, curator Oshinowo will lead a walk-through tour of the exhibition at Al Qasimiyah School.

Participants will learn about the earth as a building material and will be able to identify the soils that are suitable for construction. The workshop will comprise several application techniques of earthen mixtures, allowing participants to construct masonry blocks, formulating natural plasters and creating prototypes of traditional earth wall constructions. This workshop will be supported by a team of artisans from the Department of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi.


Decolonising architecture

DAAR (Decolonising Architecture Art Research), led by Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti, will present their extensive two-decade research-based art and architectural practice. Beginning with their SAT02 project, ‘Concrete Tent,’ activated as a space for collective mourning gatherings and solidarity with Palestine. The second part delves into their ongoing collective research programme, the “Afterlives of fascist-colonial architecture,” which studies and proposes the reuse of colonial, fascist, and modernist architectures for aims different from what they were designed for. Lastly DAAR discusses two recent projects aiming to create spaces for collective inhabitation and practicing of communing.