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Video surveillance is on the brink of transformation as AI-driven analytics and automation redefine security operations. Driving these innovations and setting new industry benchmarks is Genetec, which opens its new office and a state-of-the-art UAE Experience Center on the sidelines of Intersec 2024.

We sat down with Firas Jadalla, Regional Director – Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META) at Genetec, to learn more about the new META facility and get his perspective on a future where video surveillance won’t just be a tool but a strategic asset.

How has the demand for video surveillance products changed in recent years, and what trends do you foresee in the near future?

In recent years, the demand for video surveillance products in the Middle East has witnessed a significant uptick, driven by a growing emphasis on security and the rapid adoption of smart city initiatives. As urbanisation and infrastructure development surge, there's an increased need for advanced video surveillance solutions to safeguard public spaces and critical infrastructure. Additionally, the integration of video analytics and AI-driven capabilities has become more prevalent, enhancing the overall effectiveness of surveillance systems.

Looking ahead, the market is likely to see a continued focus on technological advancements, with a surge in demand for high-resolution cameras, intelligent video analytics, and cloud-based solutions. In fact, our 2024 State of Physical Security Report, a study based on insights from over 5,500 physical security leaders worldwide (including end users and channel partners), revealed that physical security market is rapidly embracing cloud and hybrid solutions.

Our 2024 State of Physical Security Report, a study based on insights from over 5,500 physical security leaders worldwide (including end users and channel partners), revealed that physical security market is rapidly embracing cloud and hybrid solutions.

- Firas Jadalla, Regional Director – Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META) at Genetec

The adoption of cloud-based solutions for physical security has been gradually increasing over the past decade, but it is now picking up speed. According to the survey, 40 per cent of end users reported that more than 30 per cent of their physical security setups are now either in the cloud or use a combination of cloud and on-premises solutions. It appears that most organisations will prefer a hybrid approach, combining both on-premises and cloud-based solutions. Close to 60 per cent of end user respondents revealed that their organisations aim for a security deployment strategy that combines both. The transition to hybrid systems is already in progress, with 12 per cent of MEA-based end users stating that their organisations are currently storing video surveillance data both locally and, in the cloud, marking a notable increase from the 4 per cent reported in last year's survey.

Can you tell us about the new Genetec UAE Experience Center?

Genetec has opened a new state-of-the-art experience centre in the UAE to support the company’s expanding footprint and to empower our channel partners and customers with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate today's complex security landscape. The facility serves as a hub for partners and customers from META.

Named DBXC, the experience centre is strategically located at One Central in the Dubai World Trade Centre and features innovative solutions from Genetec and its large ecosystem of industry-leading technology partners. It is equipped with an on-site Technology Center that operates as a fully functioning Security Operation Center (SOC) to enable customers and partners to see how Genetec solutions can directly enhance their security and operations. The centre also has a training centre, a modern workspace to accommodate the fast-growing Genetec META team, and partner meeting areas to serve as a hub for collaboration, education, and innovation.

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The UAE Experience Center is the latest addition to the company’s existing experience centres located in Montreal, Paris, London, Singapore, Mexico City, and Washington D.C.

What makes your cybersecurity approach stand out in a market like the UAE?

The UAE’s strategic role as a global business hub highlights the crucial need for robust cybersecurity measures to protect businesses, government entities, and individuals from today’s fast-evolving cyberthreats. With a rapidly advancing digital landscape, safeguarding sensitive data, critical infrastructure, and personal information have become imperative. As the country continues its digital transformation journey, a proactive approach to cybersecurity is vital for ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of digital assets.

Recognising the importance of cybersecurity, we prioritise safeguarding our customers’ physical security systems from potential vulnerabilities. Our distinctive edge lies in the utilisation of the advanced Genetec Security Center platform, a robust solution designed to fortify devices against potential cyberthreats. This platform unifies diverse security systems and data into a single interface, ensuring genuine integration and streamlined operations. Our commitment extends to maintaining the resilience of our systems through robust encryption protocols, regular software updates, and diligent provision of patches to address emerging security risks.

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Furthermore, our cybersecurity strategy encompasses best practices for network segmentation, access control, and authentication. By adhering to industry standards and collaborating with cybersecurity experts, we ensure that our solutions remain at the forefront of resilience against cyberthreats. This holistic approach provides our clients with the confidence that their critical security infrastructure is not only secure but also well protected against the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity challenges.

How do you envision the future of video surveillance technology, and what new developments can we expect from Genetec in the coming months?

Video surveillance is poised for transformative advancements, and Genetec is at the forefront of pioneering innovations. We foresee a landscape where AI-driven analytics and automation redefine security operations, enhancing both efficiency and effectiveness. We are committed to pushing these boundaries, introducing cutting-edge developments in the coming months.

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of security technology, Genetec is poised to introduce solutions that not only meet the challenges of today but also anticipate the needs of tomorrow, setting new benchmarks for the industry. Stay tuned for a future where video surveillance is not just a tool but a strategic asset in ensuring the safety and security of communities and organisations.

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