Abu Dhabi: Do expatriates observe the national dress code, understand the UAE spirit and respect traditions? Some voiced concern about the inappropriate way expatriates and tourists dress, which is too revealing and shows no respect for the host country's values.

In an interview published in 999 Magazine, the official English monthly of the Ministry of Interior, the British Ambassador to the UAE, Dominic Jermey, urged expatriates and tourists to show more understanding and respect for the UAE dress code.

"It is really important for expats and tourists to understand the norms of the society they are in. So that is why we work very closely with tour operators, local schools, and the airlines to run a global campaign called ‘Know Before You Go.' The campaigns fosters awareness among tourists and expatriates so that they enjoy their stay in the UAE but in a way that is appropriate," Jermey said.

In a previous article published in the magazine's February issue, 72 per cent of expats admitted to having insufficient knowledge about the UAE's local customs and traditions.

The culture of the UAE and the region is more conservative than that of the West.