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As part of REDTAG’s #WearASmile initiative, its Fashion Stylist service is setting a new benchmark in customer engagement, making it the only value fashion retail brand in the GCC to offer this personalised shopping experience. Let REDTAG’s skilled associates guide you with tips and advice to create the best look suited for you.

When you shop at REDTAG, you can be assured of a high quality yet affordable and trendy selection of fashion and homeware pieces. But that’s not all. REDTAG is equally committed to making the shopping journey of every customer a value-packed and delightful experience in every interaction.

With its #WearASmile customer engagement initiative, REDTAG has raised the bar for customer-first principles and is setting new benchmarks in the retail value shopping segment. As part of this initiative, REDTAG is providing customers access to its unique Fashion Stylist service to add greater value to their shopping experience.

All Fashion Stylists at REDTAG are professionally trained on colour, shapes, body-flattering cuts and more, while being in-step with internationally trending looks. They can assist you with everything - from a bit of fashion tips and tricks to a whole new wardrobe. REDTAG is the only value fashion retail brand in the GCC to offer this as a standard service, at no extra cost to you.

This free-of-charge service is designed to inspire REDTAG customers to experiment with newer colours, cuts and trends and make them feel empowered and confident. From the perfect beach vacation outfit to rocking the office party ensemble and travel-specific wear to casual denims, REDTAG’s stylists help you put your best foot forward with fashion that reflects your body shape, personality and lifestyle.

Getting their advice is easier than ever. Follow these five steps to fashion nirvana.

1. Connect with one of REDTAG’s stylists during a store visit or book the session in advance using its mobile app

2. A session with your fashion stylist will involve finding the ideal colours that complement you based on your skin tones and a body analysis to discover how to dress for your body shape

3. From there, make the rounds of the store and let them help you with your shopping adventure through suggestions that help you take advantage of on-trend fashion insights

4. Best of all, this styling service is free, fast, unbiased and easy—with zero pressure to buy because the performance of REDTAG’s stylists is not judged by the numbers of items they sell

5. And if you enjoy the compliments from family and friends on your new look, please do show the stylists some love by sharing your experience.

As the ultimate shopping convenience, REDTAG’s Fashion Stylist service can be enjoyed across all its GCC stores. So go ahead and give this unique service a try and put a fresh perspective on your wardrobe right away.

But REDTAG is not stopping here. It is committed to excelling in all areas of retail service. That’s why its #WearASmile initiative, with services such as Find your Size, Anytime-Anywhere Exchange, Instant Gifts and Free Home Delivery is designed to delight you while exceeding expectations.

REDTAG’s other on-going brand promises complement these initiatives and craft a more wholesome experience for its customers. These include RT Rewards - REDTAG’s tiered loyalty programme, as well as REDTAG Listens, a commitment to respond within 24 hours to customer queries across its omnichannel touchpoints. And if you would love to spread the word about all your REDTAG shopping adventures, then collaborate with REDTAG to become its brand voice with REDTAG’s Brand Ambassador initiative.

For REDTAG, it’s not just about delivering exceptional service. It’s about creating unique and memorable inspirations for all its customers. With the perfect combination of convenience and affordability, every REDTAG store has something to surprise you and style your smile every day.

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