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RALS Healthcare launched its first RALS Clinic and RALS Pharmacy at Bin Shabib Mall, Al Qusais on September 2 to offer value-based care in Dubai. The multispeciality polyclinic was opened in the presence of Awad Seghayer Al Ketbi, Chairman of the Board and Director General of Dubai Health Authority, Abdullah Ali Bin Zayed Al Falasi, Director General of the Human Resources Department of the Government of Dubai, and Abdulwahed Bin Shabib, President and Founder of the Bin Shabib group.

Global authorities such as the World Health Organisation and the World Economic Forum estimate that by 2030 less than half the world’s population will have access to basic and essential healthcare services. Even pre-2020, before the Covid-19 pandemic, estimates predicted a shortage of 18 million health workers by 2030.

In the UAE, government efforts to address this shortage as well as extensively expand and upgrade the healthcare system are bearing fruit. According to a recent report, the UAE healthcare market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 10 per cent by 2023.

With plans to create a network of 9 clinics, pharmacies and diagnostic centres across Dubai within the next 12 months, RALS Healthcare expects to ride this wave by adopting a dynamic operating model that adapts to the fluctuating healthcare needs of the community.

“The medical needs of a community are ever-changing and influenced by a myriad of factors including demography, health insurance, economy, affordability, availability of resources and unprecedented circumstances like the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic,” says Dr Syed Asif, Group Medical Director at RALS Healthcare.

“In the current global climate, the role of healthcare providers is to rapidly adopt the best practices and policies and address the emotional and physical needs of patients and their families, while navigating evolving workplace safety and aligning to the ongoing cost pressure without compromising on service quality.”

Quality care

For RALS Healthcare quality care is a priority, which is why its value-based approach sees the appointment of a team not only responsible for research and analysis of the latest industry data and trends but also the scrutiny of community feedback.

“With a focus on strategic innovation aimed at addressing ongoing cost pressures within healthcare, we are adaptable enough to reinvent our business approaches to address community challenges,” says Dr Asif. “In this way RALS Healthcare is able to deliver affordable, yet uncompromised quality care to all patients.”

With a focus on strategic innovation aimed at addressing ongoing cost pressures within healthcare, we are adaptable enough to reinvent our business approaches to address community challenges.

- Dr Syed Asif, Group Medical Director at RALS Healthcare

To address the specific needs of the UAE’s diverse population across various socio-economic strata, RALS Healthcare will establish clinics that are flexible enough in their services to ensure affordability within each of the communities they operate in.

“The first phase of our plan is to set up a wide range of multispecialty polyclinics catering to the needs of the different communities based in Dubai, ranging from blue collar to elite crowd,” explains Dr Asif.

RALS Healthcare’s network will also offer a range of medical services including but not limited to multispecialty outpatient care, full-fledged diagnostic laboratories, X-ray facilities, and outpatient hospital pharmacies.

“We are planning to integrate all polyclinics efficiently with a full- fledged central diagnostic laboratory and radiological services under one umbrella of RALS Healthcare,” he adds.

“The next phase is to expand RALS Healthcare to include medical equipment, medical consumables, retail distribution of vitamins and food supplements to the local market and all over the Middle East.”

A holistic approach

With self-care now increasingly playing an essential role in global healthcare systems, RALS Healthcare’s services will also incorporate some of the key pillars of self-care – knowledge, health literacy and mental well-being.

“As recently witnessed the unprecedented circumstances of this global pandemic has had a significant psychosocial impact on patients and their families, and RALS Healthcare’s team has identified the need to address the resulting issues pertaining to isolation, increased anxiety and widespread fear,” explains Dr Asif.

Equipped with the necessary qualifications, training and talent, RALS Healthcare’s medical team can address both general and specialty-related needs of both patients and their families. With general physicians also experienced in emergency medicine, psychiatry, and neuro linguistic programming for example, they offer expertise across a broad spectrum.

“A majority of our medical team has experience in a range of fields, while also practising in their one specialist area,” says Dr Asif. “In this way our specialists, apart from tending to patients in a specific field, will also be proactively addressing the broader educational needs of patients and their families.”

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