Bow wow. Furchild says pets that eat fresh foods tend to be more energetic, have shinier coats and produce less and not too smelly waste Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Dubai pet nutritional service that delivers fresh foods to pets claims it has sold over half a million meals in just 18 months.

Katherine Cebrowski, co-founder of Furchild, said the 500,000 pet meals were delivered to homes across the UAE, although the large majority of her furry customers were based in Dubai.

She said, “The most popular food products we sold were our special menu Meals for Dogs and Meals for Cats. We offer five recipes for dogs and four recipes for cats, all which are complete and balanced meals, approved by veterinarians and pet nutritionists. The meals are made in Dubai using fresh human-grade and organic ingredients. The meats are responsibly sourced and imported into the UAE.” She said in addition to these meals, Furchild also sold a variety of raw bones, healthy chews and natural treats.

Cost factor

Asked what proof she had to support her milestone claim, she said, “Furchild has a proprietary algorithm and set of data that provides us with detailed information on each customer and pet. We arrived at the number based on the total number of pets, their average weight, feeding amounts and the number of meal packs sold since we launched one-and-a-half years ago.”

As for the price, Cebrowski said, “The cost of Furchild Meals for dogs starts at Dh16 per pound (454grams). The daily cost for a dog is comparable to that of a cup of coffee for humans - Dh5.50 for a 5kg dog, Dh9 for a 10kg one and Dh18 for a 20kg dog.” She said Furchild’s starter pack deal has also been a huge hit. “It comes with an assortment of our premium meals for dogs or cats at a hugely reduced price. This is a great way to introduce pets to fresh raw pet food and experiment with different recipes. The offer is 10 pounds of pet meals and a free consultation and nutritional advice for Dh99.”

She claimed there were two reasons for the high demand for Furchild foods. “The meals transform a pet’s health. People have realised the benefits of switching their pets’ foods from processed kibble and canned pet foods (junk food) to fresh, healthy meals – the pets tend to be more energetic, haveshinier coats and produce less and not too smelly waste.”