A dog got left behind in its carrier at DXB after its owner, an outbound passenger, collapsed and was rushed to hospital. Image Credit: Screengrab from DXB video

Dubai: Thanks to the efforts of a duty officer at Dubai International airport, a dog that was left behind at Terminal 1 was reunited with its owner, an outbound passenger, who had to be rushed to hospital after suffering a sudden collapse.

In a video on social media, Terminal 1 Duty Officer Bader Eddin Elmaki recalled the “sad moment” when the passenger collapsed and was taken to hospital, following which service partners drew his attention to a dog that was left behind in a carrier.

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He said the passenger’s grand daughter, who subsequently met them, was panicking and in tears. She feared that with the dog separated from the passenger, “the situation could get worse”.

“When we hear such words, emotions kick in,” said Elmaki.

Swinging into action immediately, he then went about the formalities to stop the dog’s onward travel with necessary intervention from immigration and other departments.

“We also had to get the police involved for screening in order for the dog to be taken out of the airport premises,” he said.

He said it was a huge relief to see the grand daughter smile as she took the dog to the hospital for a touching reunion with the passenger.