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NYUAD community members work towards a cause by planting 5,000 mangrove trees off Jebel Ali. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: A group of passionate NYUAD community members planted 5,000 mangrove trees at a site near Jebel Ali.

In a statement, the university said the initiative was a collaboration between the NYUAD Community Outreach and the Emirates Marine Environmental Group, reflects the NYUAD’s commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.

This initiative aligns with the UAE’s national goal, announced at COP26, to plant one hundred million mangroves by 2030. This national commitment is part of the UAE’s initiative to leverage natural-based solutions to combat climate change, as mangroves serve as important carbon sinks and protect the UAE’s coasts from rising sea levels. The UAE is home to more than a dozen mangrove sites, and the nation has plans to expand and develop their presence further.

“Our goal through the volunteering and community-based learning opportunities we offer to our students is to promote meaningful community involvement, embrace the rich diversity of the UAE, and cultivate ethical and inclusive leadership. This specific initiative is very close to our hearts, not only because it contributes to NYUAD’s commitment to a sustainable future and NYU’s Carbon Neutrality 2040 goal, but also because we are actively engaging UAE’s youth in protecting one of the country’s unique ecosystems, a “green lung” for the big cities and an irreplaceable wildlife habitat,” said Esraa Bani, head of community outreach at NYUAD.

NYUAD is committed to creating a more sustainable future, and promoting global dialogue on climate change in order to reduce the university’s carbon footprint and impact on the environment.