Dr Sassan Dieter Khatib-Shahidi

With over 200 chapters in some 60 countries and around 16,000 members, EO is the globally leading community of entrepreneurs. We strive to deliver in the UAE best-in-class learnings, peer-to-peer networking and unique experiences to help develop and support the entrepreneurial community.

Our focus is on the entrepreneur themselves as they need much strength, encouragement and support to undertake the difficult task of building enterprise locally, regionally and globally.

Entrepreneurs learn from each other’s experiences via a structured sharing program at a peer-to-peer level. At EO UAE, we serve over 120 entrepreneurs with several thousand employees and billions in combined revenue to reach their businesses’ goals and scale.

We support and integrate spouses and life partners. Our Accelerator Program supports younger businesses to scale to over the $1 million mark. As incoming President — 2023-24, my task will be to align our long-term vision with the global EO vision. Hence the onboarding of new presidents is a long process. We ensure learning and alignment across leading functions and work closely with our past Presidents’ Council to ensure the chapter’s continuity.

My role in EO UAE will be to deliver great learnings and a platform that ensures our leading role as an entrepreneurial community in the country.