Photo of rice for illustrative purposes only Image Credit: Stock image

Abu Dhabi: Any reports of plastic rice or inedible rice in Abu Dhabi markets are inaccurate, the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (Adafsa) said on Monday.

In fact, every variety of rice on sale is suitable for human consumption, and this has been verified by the Adafsa, the authority added.

The statement was issued following social media reports of plastic rice availability in Saudi Arabia. Shared video clips showed cooked rice rolled into balls that can be bounced without disintegrating. Saudi state media denied the reports, and said authorities will imprison and impose hefty fines on dealers.

Thorough checks

According to the Adafsa, the checks on rice varieties in Abu Dhabi include laboratory analysis, virtual inspection, product checks, and procedures to ensure the safety of any additives used during production and packaging. The authority added that it is vigilant about ensuring that items unsafe for consumption are not made available on market shelves.

Report incidents

The Adafsa also called upon residents not to be taken in by false and unverified food safety reports, and to avoid sharing any such reports. Instead, residents can report any food safety and hygiene violations by calling the Abu Dhabi Government Call Centre on 800555, or by connecting with the Adafsa through its social media channels.

If a resident reports an incident, authorities will not only follow up on the complaint but also inform complainant about any action taken against a violator.