Dubai: Sunday night’s earthquake on Iran-Iraq border had no impact in Dubai, Dubai Municipality has clarified.

"With the epicentre of the earthquake being 1,378 km away from the Emirate of Dubai, the quake was felt only by high-altitude residents and tall towers where some individuals felt a slight vibration that had no effect on individuals and buildings," Mohammad Mashroom, director of Survey Department said in a press release on Monday.

Residents in several areas in the UAE, especially those living in high-rise buildings had reported feeling the tremors. Several people had also rushed out of their buildings.  

However, there was no official alert for evacuation or investigation issued, the municipality clarified.

Mashroom said the Municipality has recently launched four smart systems to monitor the impact of earthquakes on the towers.

The department supports these systems with a smart application that monitors the vulnerability of these towers to earthquakes. It also supports the emergency and evacuation plans of these structures.

"There was no impact of Sunday’s quake on the buildings in Dubai and no alerts were issued either for investigation or for evacuation," explained Mashroom.

Tremor App

Iman Al Falasi, head of Geodetic and Marine Survey Section, explained that the Smart Application called "DB-SAFE/Oasis Plus," can be used by the general public to identify the locations hit by tremors.

It also helps people to deal with the local, regional and global earthquakes recorded in Dubai Seismic Network and safety guidelines on earthquakes.

"Any user can send the extent of tremor felt, which will have a major impact in the accurate assessment of the impact of earthquakes on the facilities in the emirate of Dubai," she said.

Al Falasi urged residents to download the application and end the user impressions on it, so that it can be developed in accordance with the opinions of users.