Man of records: Talal Omar Image Credit: Abdel-Krim Kallouche/Xpress

Dubai: This New Year Dubai residents may witness the world’s largest fireworks display.

The magnificent display to take place at World Islands and The Palm attempts to break the previous record by Kuwait marking the 50th anniversary of its constitution in November 2012.

That display used 77,282 fireworks and stretched over five kilometres lasting one hour and four minutes.

“We are waiting for Dubai to break the record. With this, it becomes an international destination for celebration,” said Talal Omar, country manager, Middle East and North Africa, Guinness World Records Limited.

The UAE holds 131 world records, most being set in Dubai. “Applications for fresh records are pouring in every day,” Omar told XPRESS.

Omar says the drive for records shows a desire to achieve. “Dubai is a rapidly evolving market. It is fascinating to note the passion people have for achievements”.