Video Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal/Gulf News

As a child growing up in Saudi Arabia in the 1990s, Rainbow Milk, FrieslandCampina Middle East’s evaporated milk brand, was a part of Mai Elgammal’s life. Although a move back home to Egypt brought about a break, she was excited to rekindle the relationship when she shifted base to the UAE in 2016. Once again Rainbow Milk found its place on her weekly list of grocery shopping. But little did she realise that she was bringing good luck and fortune home when she bought her Rainbow Original pack of 12 on February 15.

“At the supermarket, there was a big banner announcing Rainbow’s scratch-and-win promotion with National Bonds,” says the HR professional. “I have never won anything in my life, but I decided to give it a try anyway.”

Mai scratched the code off her pack and entered it online at To her surprise, she got a message onscreen congratulating her on being one of the 50 winners of National Bonds worth Dh10,000 each, along with an email. She couldn’t believe herself.

“I directly went to Rainbow Milk’s social media pages and there they were already announcing the winners. That’s when I realised it’s real!”

Now that her win has sunk in, she’s started thinking about how to spend the money. “Maybe, I will go on vacation to Europe with my husband and baby boy once the pandemic ends.”

Anas Thacharpadikkal/Gulf News

Perfect timing

Forty-four-year-old Akhtar Hussain knew straightaway what he was going to do with his prize money of National Bonds worth Dh10,000.

“I have just booked a flat back home in India,” says Akhtar, who works as a cook. “This money will go towards its payment.

“I have been participating in raffle draws since the time I came to the UAE about 11 years ago, but I have never won.

“But this time with Rainbow, I turned lucky.”

However, it took three tries to turn the tide in his favour. “I didn’t get the winning code with the first pack or the second pack,” says the father of four. “But the third one proved lucky.”

But he wasn’t convinced. “We try all sorts of raffle draws and scratch-and-win promotions, but never win anything. None of my friends were convinced either. Everybody started to believe only after Rainbow Milk put up a Facebook post announcing me as a winner.

“It seems the flat is very auspicious for us. My wife and children are very happy with the win.”

How to enter Rainbow and National Bonds’ Celebrate the Golden Moments promotion

Organised to mark the golden anniversary of the federation of the UAE and running until March 5, Rainbow Milk’s scratch-and-win promotion offers customers a chance to win National Bonds worth Dh10,000 each.

All you need to do is buy a 12-pack Rainbow Original and enter the code on the pack online at

If you don’t become one of the 50 winners of National Bonds worth Dh10,000 each until March 5, fret not. You stand a chance to win the grand prize of National Bonds worth Dh75,000 in a raffle draw, which will be announced on March 10.