Dubai: A minibus driver was killed and two passengers were injured after a car hit them on Shaikh Zayed Road on Sunday, Gulf News has learnt.

According to Dubai Police officials, the Pakistani driver, who was ferrying security guards from Jebel Ali in the mini bus, was changing the flat tyre of the minibus when the accident occurred. The injured were standing on the road to help him.

“The driver stopped the car on the road to change the tyre after it exploded. The passengers warned him against parking on the road. They even offered him help to move the vehicle to a side to change the tyre, but he refused. He ignored the warnings and started changing the tyre when a car crashed into the side of the bus, killing the driver and injuring the two passengers who had stepped outside the bus to help him,” the official said.

The driver and the two passengers who sustained serious injuries were transferred to Rashid Hospital. But the driver succumbed to his injuries.

The two passengers are being treated at the hospital.

Other passengers who were inside the bus and suffered minor injuries were also taken to hospital. They were discharged after being treated.