Over the past few years, the Emirate of Dubai has witnessed a massive influx of individuals from all over the world migrating here to benefit from the positive legal and regulatory environment surrounding modern technologies and other growing industries. Throughout this increased interest in conducting business in the Emirates, most companies and individuals end up struggling to navigate the some-what complex legal landscape that governs the UAE, and ultimately suffer as a result thereof.

This is a direct result of some significant changes coming into force across all fronts of the UAE’s legal composition. With recent amendments to the tax landscape, companies’ law, and general compliance standards, treading with due care has become essential to staying afloat.

MENA LEGAL has allocated a large portion of its resources over the past few years to become a leading advisor within the technology industry with hopes of accelerating the growth and adoption within the region and beyond. During the scope of this allocation, MENA LEGAL have worked alongside industry leaders, government bodies, and other leading advisors to help facilitate education across the UAE community to understand what the future might entail.

Moreover, recent incentives built around catalysing the growth of Metaverse development and use cases has seen the real-world application of blockchain technologies surfing across various business sectors, including art, real estate, gaming and so much more, which have led to changes in the application of generally known legal principals.

Despite these changes, the legal landscape remains quite grey, and ultimately quite complicated to navigate. As a result of these changes, MENA LEGAL have expanded their business capacity respectively, and aim to accommodate a far more fruitful business environment,

In order to avoid facing any of these difficulties, or to solve any problems that you might face, reach out to MENA LEGAL today for a consultation that might end up saving you a lot of time or money.

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In the 25 years of his sojourn in the Middle East, Dr Alexander Brexendorff and his law firm MENA LEGAL, have established themselves as one of the leading legal experts strategically positioned to help companies and individuals from all over the world successfully set up business here in the UAE. With a team of diverse legal experts specialized across all legal practices, including litigation, commercial transactions, blockchain and Web 3.0, real estate, family law and various other fields, MENA LEGAL has done a tremendous job at becoming the one-stop shop for all legal services.