Murat Kucukkaya, Managing Director of Middle East - Africa, JCI, and David Hadley, CEO, Mediclinic Middle East, at the signing ceremony Image Credit: Supplied

Mediclinic Middle East has signed a contract with Joint Commission International (JCI), a global leader for healthcare patient safety and quality of care, to receive high reliability training. High reliability in healthcare refers to patient care that is consistently excellent and safe over long periods of time across all services and settings. High reliability organisation (HRO) industries include commercial aviation and nuclear power.

The process of becoming a HRO in healthcare involves adopting Robust Process Improvement (RPI) methods, a combination of Lean Six Sigma and change management processes, to empower the workforce to achieve zero harm for patients, caregivers and staff. The benefits of high reliability include a positive impact on clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, employee engagement and financial performance.

As part of the collaboration, JCI will provide several workshops to Mediclinic Middle East leadership and staff. The workshops will focus on high reliability behaviours and foundational structures, as well as change management methods and tools. Additionally, once the workshops are completed for all Mediclinic Middle East hospitals, JCI will provide an in-depth, prioritised road map and additional strategies to further advance the organisation on its high reliability journey.

“High reliability organisations are entities that achieve and sustain high levels of safety despite high potential for serious harm to occur,” said David Hadley, Chief Executive Officer of Mediclinic Middle East. “With our facilities already accredited by JCI, Mediclinic is proven to be delivering exceptional standards in this area, however we are committed to providing the safest level of service to our patients with absolutely no exceptions. It is an extremely complex process to become a high reliability organisation, requiring inspirational leadership and behaviour change at all levels, but we are determined to sustain high reliable patient care and be a trusted partner for all our patients’ needs.”

Jean Courtney, interim President and Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of JCI, said, “We are pleased to collaborate with Mediclinic Middle East to help advance its mission toward high reliability. Its leadership’s commitment to improving patient safety and quality of care throughout the entire organisation is commendable. Joint Commission International looks forward to providing Mediclinic with the education, training and resources needed to help the organisation achieve its high reliability goal to provide consistently excellent and safe care.”