Sharjah: A 21–year-old Pakistani mechanic was rescued in Sharjah Industrial Estate on Sunday after getting trapped between two vehicles at the garage where he worked.

A brake fault in a vehicle being parked by the man’s colleague outside the workshop meant the mechanic, who was working on another car, got trapped between both vehicles.

The man was freed and transferred to Al Kuwaiti Hospital where medical staff were able to save his life.

Dr Eisa Al Moa’almi, head of the emergency department at Al Kuwaiti Hospital, said the injured man had been brought to hospital in a critical condition with internal injuries to his diaphragm, abdomen and pelvis, and multiple fractures at the base of his spine up to his rib cage as a result of being crushed at force.

Surgeries involved an endoscopic evaluation to assess his stomach and intestines. The patient is now in a stable condition but still under observation.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident.