DUBAI: The Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) launched an awareness programme called Me and My Sibling to target students of determination at all Welfare & Rehabilitation Centers for People of Determination to ensure better integration and inclusion in entertainment, sports and other activities.

Wafa Hamad Bin Sulaiman, Director of Welfare & Rehabilitation Department for People of Determination at MOCD, said the programme comes as part of the ministry’s plan coinciding with the initiatives of the national policy for empowering people of determination especially in terms of quality of future life, community involvement and an active lifestyle.

Me and My Sibling features summer activities to develop their sensory and muscular skills, kinetic visual synergy and social communication. It also includes a workshop called My Doll Is Made By My Hand, a symbolic project for manufacturing dolls by using simple tools and materials available around us to produce dolls in different shapes and colours.