Emirates ‘Diamond’ A380 Onboard Lounge
Emirates shared this picture of the ‘Diamond’ A380 Onboard Lounge Image Credit: Emirates social media

Dubai: UAE-based Emirates airline had flyers excited with another 'bling' image of one of its aircraft.

The photo that showed "the Emirates ‘Diamond’ A380 Onboard Lounge" was shared on the carrier's official social media pages quickly went viral.

Is it real?

Just like last year's much talked-about post about the ‘Bling’ 777”, a picture of a Boeing 777 plane encrusted with what looked like crystals and diamonds, this too, is an artwork by award winning crystal artist, Sara Shakeel.

Here's one more:

The aircraft in the image looks so real that it stirred a lot of curiosity among social media users.

Facebook user Dieter Balmer posted: "The benches in the lounge are a nice touch! "

Tweep @norbalm asked: Whats the tail number which route is it on?

However, some figured out that it was by the same artist who createdd the Bling 777.