Forbes Middle East's Top Healthcare Leaders 2022 recognition Image Credit: Supplied

Forbes Middle East and Pure Health’s innovation-led Healthcare Summit 2022 gathered over 300 delegates to hear from 57 thought-provoking speakers across 14 panel discussions over two days in Abu Dhabi on December 13 and 14, 2022.

The first-of-its-kind event delved into the critical challenges and opportunities impacting healthcare systems across the Middle East and beyond.

Attendees celebrated the advanced state of the Middle East’s healthcare ecosystem and debated the vital pioneering investments and partnerships needed to retain its world-class standards. The two-day summit offered a platform for industry disruptors, healthcare regulators, and medical science innovators to raise time-critical questions needed today to uncover what the future of healthcare will look like for the next generation in the decades to come.

Shaista Asif, Group Chief Operating Officer of PureHealth Group, said: “We owe it to our coming generations to build a healthcare system which is not only convenient and accessible but also robust and holistic, so that they could have better health spans eventually resulting in longer lifespans. The future of healthcare is in the cloud, and we have to play our part to ensure that we drive the bullet train towards the fourth industrial revolution.” Shaista ended the discussion with making a plea for Hayat’s organ donation initiative. She said: “One organ donor can save up to 8 lives and this is the greatest gift anyone can give humanity, the gift of life!”

Shaista Asif, Group COO at Pure Health, discusses technology-driven preventative and personalised healthcare Image Credit: Supplied

Sherif Beshara, CEO of American Hospital Dubai, said: “American Hospital Dubai is pleased to have participated in the Forbes Middle East Healthcare Summit 2022, which generated a wealth of ideas and transformative insights from the region’s leading thought architects. It was a rewarding experience to collaborate toward a collective vision of a healthier future for all. The seminal event signposted the way to a future shaped by more breakthroughs, achievements, and seamless solutions to create a healthcare ecosystem of the highest quality and purpose. It is imperative to continuously expand the boundaries of healthcare knowledge and its application to serve humanity better. Our future is how we can reimagine it, and events like this provide the momentum to reach there faster.”

Amanat Holdings, CEO Mohamad Hamade, discussing the future of healthcare investment Image Credit: Supplied

Mohamad Hamade, CEO of Amanat Holdings, said: “As a private investment company, Amanat recognizes the public sector's accomplishments over the last two decades, as it has managed to lay down the foundation to attract private players by publishing guidelines, defining standards, and providing data on the needs and gaps in the healthcare sector. This has complemented the efforts of the government to further build capacity, build capability, transfer knowledge and adopt technology. Now more than ever, we require a consorted effort between the public and private sectors to replicate this experience across Life Sciences and Healthcare, building on previous successes.”

The region's healthcare leaders unveiling the future of the industry at Forbes Middle East's Healthcare Summit 2022 in collaboration with PureHealth

Delegates included representatives from the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, G42 Healthcare, Amanat Holdings, American Hospital Dubai, Viatris, Jamjoom Pharma, Saudi Chemical Company Holding, Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, SaudiVax, McKinsey Health Institute, Daman, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company – SEHA, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, Global Ventures, and Alma Health, among others.