The EASY6 games of Emirates Draw. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The EASY6 games of Emirates Draw had a series of wins, with 11,928 individuals sharing a total prize of Dh941,367. Among them were Andrea Bellanti, an Italian resident in the UAE, and Dr. Ali Abdallah, a Lebanese healthcare professional.

Bellanti claimed his first significant win while vacationing near Venice, Italy. Although a network glitch initially caused confusion about his win, Bellanti was overjoyed to discover that he was only one number away from winning the Dh100 million Grand Prize. “It’s an incredible surprise and it just makes my holiday a thousand times better,” exclaimed Bellanti, who discovered Emirates Draw through an online advertisement, and is already dreaming of the lavish vacation he can now offer his partner.

In another, this unexpected win came as an addition to their upcoming family vacation in Lebanon. Dr. Ali Abdallah, a dedicated father of two and a Lebanese doctor in the UAE since 2014, celebrated his first win of Dh75,000 in the FAST5 Raffle Draw. “While I welcome this win with both hands, I will continue playing with Emirates Draw until I win Dh15 million or even Dh100 million! That is my dream,” Dr. Ali said.

Dr. Abdallah’s journey with Emirates Draw began only six months ago, inspired by a friend. Despite his recent win, Dr. Abdallah remains committed to his profession. “I believe in my duty as a healthcare professional and a law-abiding resident of this country. I will continue to serve my community and everyone around, regardless of any winnings. But if I win the Grand Prize, it will definitely change my life for the better,” Dr. Ali expressed his gratitude for the win.

Amongst this week’s winners is Terusew Alemu, an Ethiopian-American who recently participated with Emirates Draw. After winning Dh250,000 last week, Alemu surprisingly also won a week later in the MEGA7 Raffle Draw.