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At the forefront of reshaping security paradigms, the UAE exemplifies a pioneering approach to sustainable security within the Middle East, said Dr Daria Daniels Skodnik, Senior Scholar, International Security and Defence, and Former Deputy Commandant and Dean at NATO Defence College. She was speaking ahead of the Intersec 2024 Security Leaders' Summit, which takes place at Dubai World Trade Centre from January 16-18.

Challenges rooted in strategic rivalries between major powers in the global landscape demand an integrated, international response - a concept at the heart of the UAE's approach. Sustainable security, now encompassing multifaceted issues ranging from economic power to environmental threats, requires collaborative efforts to recognise the intricate interconnections among these factors.

“Collaboration has been transformative in Middle Eastern security, underscoring the power of diplomacy in overcoming historical divisions and fostering regional stability,” says Dr Skodnick. “The UAE's innovative security strategy revolves around anticipatory governance, aligning policies, people, resources, and technology. Emphasising diplomacy, partnerships, and multilateralism, the UAE seeks shared stability and prosperity, setting a precedent in the region.”

Overcoming challenges to resilience and deterrence necessitates economic diversity, a robust infrastructure, effective governance, inclusive policies, and preparedness. Guided by the UAE's initiatives, the Middle East redefines these principles, emphasising alliances and agreements to bolster collective security.

“Critical to future-proofing security is citizen engagement - a vigilant, educated, and participatory society forms the bedrock of a responsive security infrastructure. Education, civic involvement, and inclusive governance collectively contribute to a resilient security framework capable of addressing future uncertainties,” Dr Skodnik adds.

The Intersec Security Leaders' Summit gathers global thought leaders and experts aiming to innovate security strategies over two days. Dr Skodnik will join a panel discussion on Future-proofing Security alongside other international and regional security experts from the United Nations Office on Counter Terrorism (UNOCT), the UAE Ministry of Interior, the Canadian Armed Forces, Saudi Aramco, and Interpol.

"The UAE's proactive stance towards sustainable security serves as a driving force in reshaping global security paradigms,” says Grant Tuchten, Portfolio Director at Intersec organiser Messe Frankfurt Middle East. “The Intersec Security Leaders’ Summit, echoing this commitment, acts as a catalyst in advocating for new security approaches and championing sustainable security across diverse spheres."

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Held under the patronage of Shaikh Mansoor Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, this milestone edition of Intersec celebrates a quarter-century of innovation in security technology. The event focuses on tailored solutions for various sectors, including commercial and perimeter security, homeland security and policing, fire and rescue, safety and health, and cybersecurity, promoting innovation and connectivity across industries.

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