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DUBAI: A Barcelona-based company has presented an innovative system that will help employees get into the habit of handwashing at the workplace.

“Called Govisystem, the device is actually a patented dispenser, which reads the fingerprint of every hand placed under it to obtain gel or hand sanitizer. Then it transmits the information to a monitoring device in real time such as which employee obtained gel, at which dispenser location and when. With this information, hand hygiene moments are tracked for each employee,” explained Xavier Prat, CTO and business development manager, Govisystem, at Innov8 Talks at the 45th edition of Arab Health in Dubai.

“We know all know that handwashing prevents the spread of disease but oftentimes people at workplaces disregard this basic hygiene habit. With the Govisystem, we can achieve hand hygiene protocol compliance,” he added.

Prat noted that washing hands with soap and water can reduce disease-associated deaths by up to 50 per cent. He added that studies have shown that routine handwashing can prevent the spread of viruses that lead to a million deaths every year.

Not only is mortality reduced but also morbidity or the spread of disease which will lead to significant medical cost savings, he added.

Prat said Govisystem is vital in institutions like hospitals, “where managers or supervisors can identify the hand-hygiene practices of patients and staff. This data can be used to establish traceability between clinical staff and infected patients.”


Govisystem is an intelligent dispenser that can recognise the employee who received gel by biometric identification. The dispenser is activated by sensors to avoid contamination. It dispenses a customised amount of gel to ensure effective and efficient hygiene. It also records data for analysis and to generate reports in real time. Govisystem can be set-up at factories, hospitals, schools and other establishments. It also has a gel level detector that transmit signals to provide refills on time and guarantee gel availability.