Indians who complete the preparatory course will be issued a certificate, which will qualify them for a ‘tailor-made’ course before they take a driving test when they arrive in the UAE. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Indian expats, especially those who work as drivers, have welcomed the move to start UAE driving lessons back home, saying it will help learners feel more confident and reduce the anxiety and tension many of them experience.

Mohammad Rafeek, a warehouse driver with a car dealership company in Dubai, got his license in his 17th attempt. Rafeek, who spent around Dh3,000 for his driving classes which ended in 1994, feels UAE driving classes back home would help candidates to completely avoid tension.

When you are new here, you are very much worried about many things. Getting a license is a big task for many newcomers. If they are already trained in the new style of driving and come with a certificate, they will definitely have good confidence. They will not have any tension at all. If they can pass soon they don’t have to wait for long or spend too much money to get a license.

- Mohammad Rafeek

He said it was his tension that always led him to lose concentration during the tests. “If there is no tension, you can concentrate well.”

T. E. K Latheef, a bus driver with the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai, said he was also anxious when he went for his first test though he cleared it.

I used to drive in India. I was interviewed over there and I came here on a driver’s visa. After I reached here, I went for the training by RTA for a month. I was still nervous if I will pass. Luckily I got license in the first attempt. I think learners will be much more confident and will have hope for passing the test if they get accustomed to the new style of driving while they are back home.

- T. E. K Latheef

Mohammad Guthpudheen, who came to Dubai in March on the employment visa of a cook, is already going for his driving classes.

I wish this new rule had come into effect before I came here. I would have definitely gone for it.

- Mohammad Guthpudheen