Rajesh Jain receives his long term visa  20190731
Rajesh Jain receives his long term visa from officials Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Indian businessman Rajesh Jain of JG Group, Dubai, has received his 10-year UAE golden visa on Wednesday.

Jain, CEO of JG Group, collected his visa from the office of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Dubai.

In a statement to Gulf News, Jain thanked the authorities for providing him with the 10-year golden visa. "As an investor, this has boosted my confidence. As we all know, this is yet another step by the leaders of the UAE to make this great country the most preferred destination for investors from all over the world," he said.

"I am extremely thankful for this recognition. Over the past few weeks we have been witnessing a very special group of residents who have been privileged to get this honour. To be a part of that group is much more than a great privilege,” he said.

JG Group, a company established in the year 1909 in the city of Chennai operates a number of businesses including real estate, paper products, lighting solution, Renewable energy, hotels and telecom services. In the UAE the company has been set up since 1991. The company’s turnover in the UAE alone is estimated to be $200 million.