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One of the benefits of the online shopping boom has been the proliferation of discount vouchers in the wake of the ecommerce wave. The pandemic has only accelerated this trend, with people keener than ever to save money during economically uncertain times.

Emerging as people's first choice in this space is, which offers up to 90 per cent discount on top brands. Within a short span of time, it has not only captured a fair share of the market but also helped users save a substantial amount of cash over the long run.

One user, Sarah Thomas, a sales manager with out-of-home media agency HyperMedia, has been making pretty much all of her purchases online over the past year, following the onset of the coronavirus pandemic: from electronics and kitchen appliances to footwear, clothes, cosmetics and groceries. “I book my weekly stock of fresh produce through Noon,” says the Al Nahda resident, who also frequents Amazon, Carrefour, Namshi and iHerb. “On average, I do one or two online transactions a week.”

Thomas, a Gujarat-raised UAE resident of more than two decades, first became aware of the online voucher concept during a trip to the US and Canada in 2014. “I was thrilled to see how these codes would get me additional discounts on [already] heavily discounted items.” She has been using these voucher codes online in the UAE since mid-2018 – though she says they worked with far fewer brands back then.

After getting into the habit of googling voucher codes on all her potential buys, Thomas discovered early last year and has since become a regular browser on the site, using its vouchers across Namshi, Asos, Noon, H&M and Carrefour.


While there are a number of companies operating in the online voucher sector, prides itself on having cultivated a special relationship with its users, particularly through savvy use of social media to quickly respond to queries and update followers on the latest deal drops.

On the merchant front – which is crucial for sourcing the best deals for users – enjoys a fruitful partnership with Amazon, both in terms of retail products and home services, and Noon, which together account for a substantial share of the regional e-commerce pie.

Businesses can benefit from being on in other ways too, something evidenced by the high-profile names it has partnered with. The platform has exclusive discount agreement in place with Amazon Home Services, where users can get 15 per cent off on their orders.

For traditionally brick-and-mortar businesses, many of which had to hurriedly – and belatedly — board the e-commerce train as pandemic lockdowns kicked in, offers a sizable platform on which to announce their entry into the digital arena.

Easy to ease

While many rival sites require users to sign up in order to access vouchers, delivers authenticated vouchers without the sign-up requirement. It’s also differentiating itself through user-friendly features such as single codes offering multiple discounts, as well as a downloadable discount book listing savings across a range of platforms.

Another benefit to consumers is the simplicity of's code. The platform has released a single code, CAE, which works across different e-commerce platforms. For example, typing CAE15 on your Amazon order will get you 15 per cent off.

Asked about the best deal Thomas has taken advantage of so far using an e-voucher, she says, “In May I bought a pair of Adidas NMD R1s from Namshi at 50 per cent discount – and then I got 20 per cent off on top of that. Isn’t that amazing?”

For Thomas’ part, she’s excited to see what and Amazon can offer for Prime Day. “I’m hoping to get a good deal on the iPhone 12 Pro Max for my husband’s birthday.”

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