All seven centres are assessed 100 per cent ready, according to the Readiness Index level developed by RTA. Image Credit: RTA

Dubai: Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai operates seven fully integrated control centres to manage the general traffic across Dubai 24/7.

These centres include the Enterprise Command and Control Centre, Dubai Intelligent Traffic Systems Centre, Rail Operations Control Centre, Bus Operation Control Centre, Dubai Taxi Control and Data Analysis Centre, Electronic Security Centre and Expo Operations Centre.

RTA was keen to ensure full preparedness of all centres before the opening of Expo 2020 Dubai for the ease and convenience of visitors.

The centres are assessed 100 per cent ready, according to the creative Readiness Index level developed by RTA, which uses seven key standards: Roles and responsibilities, human resources, training, technology systems, communication plans, documents and disaster tests.

RTA has also stepped up the readiness of the taxi, bus and metro control centres and fitted them with advanced technologies to ensure highly efficient operational processes of transport services.

Here is a lowdown on what each of the centres does:

Enterprise Command and Control Centre

RTA’s Enterprise Command and Control Centre (EC3) is fully equipped and prepared to manage a transport network comprised of roads spanning 5,000km, 1,700 public buses, 10,000 taxis, 54 metro stations including seven stations on Route 2020 and 11 tram stations.

RTA's Enterprise Command and Control Centre Image Credit: RTA

The EC3 is fitted with a modern monitoring screen linked to 34 systems capable of accommodating and processing the transmission of 10,000 surveillance cameras. It uses artificial intelligence in managing accidents and mobile phone data in planning and managing mobility and crowds, which enables identifying the density of crowds through thermal indicators. Thus, it automatically locates gathering spots and directs transportation means to serve them. It connects all mass transport systems such as the metro, tram, public buses, taxis, and marine transport means.

Dubai Intelligent Traffic Systems Centre

This centre at Al Barsha is equipped to deliver high-level services to manage traffic movement across Dubai. It is fully capable of monitoring the road condition and anticipating the traffic movement to assist decisions to manage the traffic and incidents. The coverage of roads network by intelligent traffic systems used by the centre has reached 60 per cent. RTA has installed 116 new traffic surveillance cameras, 100 vehicle monitoring systems and 115 systems to measure the journey time and average speed. It also set up 17 stations to measure the road condition and provide information about the weather and transmit them on the roads network.

Rail Operations Control Centre

This centre is one of the most sophisticated control centres in the world. It manages the daily operations of the metro service on the Red and Green lines 24/7. The process requires a high level of accuracy and speed as well as compliance with the highest standards of safety, security and convenience to riders. The centre assisted Dubai Metro to achieve the highest international levels of safety, operational efficiency, service punctuality, faster maintenance operations, decision-making and lower potential malfunctions.

Metro OCC-b-1637150892738
Rail Operations Control Centre

The centre enables control and monitoring of the rolling stock as well as the performance of the automated and communication systems and electrical transformers of trains and metro stations. It also manages the passenger information system, the entry of train to the track and controls the operation and movement of trains. It also monitors the environmental control as well as the safety, firefighting, ventilation and air-conditioning systems in tunnels, stations and trains. It also ensures the functionality of brakes, doors and engines in each train.

Bus Operation Control Centre

The centre carries out bus monitoring and tracking in an area of 83 million square meters and monitors the movement of 1,568 buses over 252 routes. The centre is fitted with advanced 24 screens and can deploy 22 staff per shift. It works out timetables, conducts electronic monitoring of bus movement, and verifies compliance with schedules, routes, and timetables. In addition, the centre measures the daily bus movement and efficiency and ensures the on-time bus departures & arrivals at stations. It monitors the integration with RTA’s control centres and verifies the accuracy of the real-time passenger information system at metro stations through 620 screens dotting metro stations, bus stations, bus stops, airports and shopping centres.

Bus OCC-1637150880466
The Bus Operation Control Centre Image Credit: RTA

Dubai Taxi Corporation Control and Data Analysis Centre

The centre, which is fitted with smart technologies for monitoring and operating the taxi service, can deploy 11 staff per shift to manage the operation of 5,200 taxis, 373 school buses and 505 limousines. The centre also enables electronic surveillance of taxi movement, verifies compliance with work controls, and streamlines the stopping and late-coming vehicles. It responds to the calls of drivers and directs them, measures the efficiency of vehicles movement, analyses data, takes appropriate measures to step up the performance level, and monitors the integration with RTA’s Control Centres.

The Dubai Taxi Corporation Control Centre Image Credit: RTA

Electronic Security Centre

The centre aims to constantly monitor cyber security, combat cybercrimes, and detect and analyse cyber security incidents in advance. It provides quick responses for incidents, with a set round-the-clock cyber security protection. The Centre employs seven cyber security specialists to run the advanced technologies of the centre, such as artificial intelligence, to manage cyber-attacks.

Moreover, performance indicators have been prepared to measure the response speed through defined communication channels with all concerned parties. To establish the best security standards, an integrated platform has been set to collect and analyse scattered security information from different sources and configure technical assets on a proactive basis to prevent future security threats.

Expo Operations Centre

This centre is situated within the Expo Operations Centre. It facilitates the communication between different teams and coordinates all transport activities at the site of Expo. This includes People Mover Buses, Expo Rider Buses, Parking Shuttle Buses, Metro Operation, Traffic Management, Taxi and E-Hail Operation.

Expo OCC-b-1637150889669
RTA's newest Expo Operational Command Centre Image Credit: RTA

The TCC team works closely with Expo and Dubai Police to ensure smooth and seamless transportation on and off the site. The TCC is equipped with all RTA transport technology solutions including access to EC3 Systems, which helps the teams in the TCC to monitor the operations. TCC also has all the communication tools to communicate between the different teams, with lived defined KPIs set for each transport service monitored by TCC to ensure the best visitor experience.