Future Rehabilitation Centre
Future Rehabilitation Centre students working on an eco-friendly project. Image Credit: FRC | Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The Future Rehabilitation Centre (FRC), special education and therapy institution based here, is taking a resolute stand against climate change and leading by example.

The centre is determined to play its part in promoting environmental stewardship, fuelled by the UAE’s commitment to sustainable solutions and support of COP28, set to take place in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, 2023.

To achieve its eco-friendly objectives, the student team “Mountain Movers”, proposed the following initiatives following a brainstorming session to gather innovative ideas:

  • Using cloth towels instead of tissue paper
  • Switching off electrical appliances when not in use,
  • Planting more trees
  • Reducing plastic bag usage, and
  • Hosting an Environmental Week/Event once a term.

Additionally, the team plans to create a compost bin to fertilise FRC plants, appoint “Captain Planets” to monitor eco-friendly practices, and encourage indoor plants that purify the air.


Eco-friendly initiatives

FRC, formerly known as Future Centre for Special Needs, has already implemented several eco-friendly initiatives, including the Reduce-Recycle-Reuse policy and the Energy Conservation Project, launched in collaboration with Masdar in 2020, resulting in a 30 per cent reduction in energy consumption.

The centre remains steadfast in its commitment to further reduce its carbon footprint in line with the UAE government’s directives.

Climate change, caused primarily by human activities such as pollution, global warming, and deforestation, has led to unnatural changes in our planet’s climate.

To address this global crisis, the United Nations established the Conference of Parties (COP), which provides solutions to climate change. COP28, overseen by Dr Sultan Al Jaber, the CEO of ADNOC, will be held in Dubai Expo City.


Abdul Rahman, a student at FRC, highlighted the significance of teamwork in implementing eco-friendly initiatives, with support from the school’s principal, teachers, family, and friends.

Abdul Rahman, a student at FRC

Abdul Rahman, a student at FRC

The project also faced challenges in obtaining data and information, but teamwork helped overcome these obstacles. Abdulla Al Rumaithee, another student, expressed the school’s continuous efforts in maintaining an eco-friendly environment.

He emphasised the importance of raising awareness and contributing to the preservation of the planet.

Abdulla Al Rumaithee

Abdulla Al Rumaithee

Leading by example

The students’ joint efforts are geared towards making FRC a more environmentally friendly institution, and they believe that every school and company should follow the three Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle, as well as minimise plastic bag usage.

With unwavering determination and a united team spirit, FRC is leading by example in the fight against climate change.As they continue their eco-friendly endeavours, they urge others to join them in safeguarding our precious planet for a better future.

FRC awards

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the centre offers special education through individualided education plans, therapies (speech & language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, etc.), multi-disciplinary assessment, and awareness campaigns.

Over the years, it has won numerous awards such as the Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport (2016 and 2014) in the special needs category, Princess Haya Award 2011 for Special Education as Outstanding Director, and Khalifa Award for Education 2010 as Outstanding Special Needs Centre. The center is also certified by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD).

In 2019, the centre earned an Energy-Saving Project Award, from Masdar and First Abu Dhabi Bank.