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A university hospital is an innately advanced hospital model. It comes equipped with inherent features like quality healthcare delivery and superior outcomes for patients. Not only this, a university hospital is also involved in research that matches international levels, resulting in state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, treatment and better recovery rates.

Fakeeh University Hospital is all this and more.

Fakeeh University Hospital has senior health specialists with global qualifications Image Credit: Supplied

One of the best attributes of being a university hospital is that this hospital has globally-qualified doctors, involved in teaching and training other doctors at the facility, which evolves the entire care team, thus, bringing the best services for its patients.

Fakeeh University Hospital has senior specialists with global qualifications, as a part of its university design. Not only it raises the bar of healthcare delivery, but this design enables the hospital to stay ahead of its times, by indulging in research for the future.

“Dubai residents now have access to high-end healthcare right near their homes. Along with upraised teach and train modalities and research facilities, as a university hospital, we also practice evidence-based medicine. Through this, we integrate the patient’s values and preferences, the clinician’s expertise, and the best research-based evidence to carve an appropriate treatment pathway,” says Dr. Fatih Mehmet Gul, CEO, Fakeeh University Hospital.

An operating room at Fakeeh University Hospital Image Credit: Supplied

A university hospital also adopts international best practices to combine with and bring forth the finest disease management approaches for its valued patients.

A training session at Fakeeh University Hospital Image Credit: Supplied

By embracing these premier and efficient systems, Fakeeh University Hospital has proved that it is the right candidate to be a custodian of superior health for the residents of Dubai and beyond.