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The periodic health examination, which often involves multiple screening tests, is a health practice that one cannot afford to forego these days. Performing preventive health checkups can help the early detection of serious conditions, which is becoming increasingly important during this period of global health challenges. In the UAE, there is an increasing awareness regarding the recommended practice of visiting a primary care provider regularly for preventive check-ups.

Valiant Clinic & Hospital, a multispecialty boutique hospital located at the heart of Dubai’s popular upscale retail complex City Walk, continuously engages in healthcare partnership programmes and new health package offerings to encourage the community to follow their wellness pursuits and achieve a timely diagnosis.

Valiant provides a world-class health and wellness facility that caters to the needs of patients seeking an exclusive environment where they can address common issues as well as serious health concerns at their onset.

Screening for vital care

One of the most pressing concerns among women today (and increasingly among men as well) is breast lumps. Valiant Clinic & Hospital’s Basic Breast Cancer Screening Package offers visitors a gynaecology consultation, a free follow-up, and ultrasonography of the breasts for Dh900. Additional screening including mammography can also be availed for Dh1,370.

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Valiant’s advanced diagnostic facilities and medical practitioners, trained in evidence-based care, can provide the ideal expert opinion to clear any doubts that patients may be experiencing.

Kidney care is a vital health issue that deserves careful attention and regular checkup to keep the body fit and healthy. For individuals who want to maintain optimum kidney health, the clinic and hospital’s Nephrological Hypertension Screening Package offers a series of physical examinations and a consultation. It includes a nephrology consultation, routine urinalysis, creatinine test, and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) test to assess the kidney’s functioning; serum sodium and potassium tests to assess for critical electrolyte abnormalities, uric acid test, complete blood count (CBC), and automatic blood pressure monitoring with medical reading. The cost of the full package is Dh1,600.

Taking a step ahead of Covid-19

As Covid-19 continues to be a major threat, Valiant Clinic & Hospital offers its facilities to administer Covid-19 vaccines. In addition to offering Sinopharm jabs, it is now a certified provider of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine, where UAE residents from age 12 and above can book an appointment through the Valiant website.

“Taking care of our health by getting vaccinated at the soonest possible opportunity should be a priority for everyone capable and eligible in the country,” says Dr Faisal Baddar, Director of Clinical Operations & Family Medicine Consultant. “It is advisable not to put the health and the safety of our loved ones at risk by delaying the vaccination. We urge everyone to benefit from our facilities and services here at Valiant to get vaccinated and take another step against the Covid-19 pandemic.”

In addition, Valiant Clinic & Hospital offers a post-Covid-19 wellness assessment package to patients who have recovered from the coronavirus and would want to make sure their health is on track to complete recovery.

Non-surgical treatments

As part of Valiant Clinic & Hospital’s constant efforts to provide the latest and most innovative treatment options to its patients, a revolutionary new way to treat varicose veins without the need for surgery, wires, or any type of incision is now available at the hospital.

Echotherapy treatment, which uses the latest high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology, is the first 100 per cent non-invasive treatment for varicose veins and leg ulcers. This revolutionary, non-invasive procedure with no downtime is now available at Valiant Clinic & Hospital. This technique allows patients to resume daily activities immediately following the procedure.

Dr Marek Sepiolo, Vascular and Venous Surgeon, has joined Valiant Clinic & Hospital to offer the most advanced and least invasive techniques to treat varicose veins, venous reflux, and chronic venous disease.

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“There are many venous conditions that affect people’s health such as spider veins, varicose veins, venous eczema, leg ulcers, deep vein thrombosis or pelvic congestion syndrome as well as abnormal facial, hand and chest veins,” says Dr Sepiolo. “We treat them all offering full scope of totally non-invasive or minimally invasive vascular procedures in order to relieve the symptoms and restore aesthetic appearance using most advanced treatment options including totally non-invasive ones. Most of these procedures can be covered by insurance as well.”

Dr Sepiolo has more than 25 years of surgical experience with thousands of successfully performed thermal and non-thermal venous procedures including Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT), Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), Ultrasound-guided Foam Sclerotherapy, Mini-phlebectomies, VenaSeal closure (glue procedure) as well as chemical ablation.

Steroid-free treatment for body pain

Chronic pain in some body parts such as the neck and back can be devastating and debilitating for sufferers. Thanks to advanced treatments, body pain can now be alleviated without the risks associated with steroids or surgeries.

“The developments in pain medicine in recent years indicate that now is the time to move on from steroids or surgery to find a longer-term solution to take away body pain, immediately and effectively,” says Dr Mohamed El Toukhy, Consultant for Pain Medicine.

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Dr El Toukhy is referring to a new treatment called Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), a type of procedure where radio waves or electric current are used to generate sufficient heat to interrupt nerve conduction on a semi-permanent basis. The treatment blocks the nerve for approximately six to nine months and could last up to two years or longer. The procedure is also minimally invasive.

“The procedure is relatively straightforward and is performed with local anaesthetic or light sedation and does not require the patient to stay at the hospital overnight — he or she can expect to go home on the same day. Following the procedure, the patient can expect significant relief from the condition and should the pain return when the nerves regenerate, another RFA can be performed. Either way, this treatment saves the patient from consuming pain killers that may have detrimental effects on the kidney and liver.”

The latest advances in health screening and diagnosis at Valiant Clinic & Hospital have brought healthcare in Dubai and the UAE to new levels of excellence, ensuring that patients get access to modern services that suit their lifestyle and preferences.

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