Dr Ludmila Vassiliev MD, GP, PhD, Cardiologist, Homeopath, Founder of Holistic Healing Medical Center Image Credit: Supplied

How does homeopathy work?

Homeopathy is safe, natural and effective, and has been tested for more than 250 years on humans. It has yielded positive results even on domestic and wild animals. It’s already been proven by modern scientists and even approved by progressive, intelligent doctors. Homeopathy doesn’t require any more proof.

British monarchs like the late Queen Elizabeth who lived to be 96 years, the Queen Mother, over 101 years, and Prince Phillip, 98 years, as well as many other progressive people have used homeopathy to take care of their health.

Note that whatever you care for keeps growing. You care about health, and health keeps growing, you care about sickness, and the sickness keeps growing too. The choice is yours, so choose consciously.

Homeopathic medicine has three basic principles based on the laws of nature and law of existence, which is absolutely scientific.

First of all there is the term, “Similia similibus curentum”, Latin for “like cures like” because the same substance, which creates symptoms can cure same symptoms or sickness but in small, infinitesimal doses.

In life, there are endless examples.

In Arabic tradition, during the summer time, when people come into the house, away from the heat, they are greeted with a small cup of hot coffee or tea. This is actually to balance the heat in the body, the same as when in extreme cold weather like during snowfall, people entering the house are offered snow to massage the hands or feet to balance the cold temperature in the body with small external cold doses etc.

If someone is in extreme cold temperature and is given hot water, this may cause damage to the capillary system.

One of the most effective medicines for cardiovascular disease, nitroglycerin, actually originated from homeopathy, despite being used in modern medicine. In microdoses, it supports heart circulation, but in material doses it can even blast stones making it akin to dynamite!

From ancient times doctors knew that the strongest poison in tiny dilutions is the best medicine. Nothing new for modern medicine.

The second principle of homeopathy is that all medicines are prepared only using ingredients from the 3 kingdoms of nature: plant, minerals and animals. Never chemicals, never synthetic ingredients.

Homeopathy can cure body, mind and emotion, which is great for any mental or emotional or physical condition like stress, depression, anxiety, ADHD, restlessness, sleep disorders etc.

Homeopathy is called the “magic of infinitesimal dose”. When even molecular substances don’t exist. The medicine functions by memory of medicine, which can resonate a response in the body to heal, to balance itself. It’s not a medicine that cures, it is medicine that triggers the body’s inner healing power to heal itself.

Homeopathy, actually is art and science together, and works really well for intelligent people who care about health, happiness and success. It doesn’t work for people who don’t care about health until they get sick and start looking to use only pills to support and control sickness, who limit their life and complain about stress. Health is inside of us, it is not in a hospital. Happiness is inside of us, it is not in business, marriage, etc.

That is why the harmony of health lies in holistic healing. This is the essence of homeopathy.

One of the guiding principles of homeopathy is that it is a gentle medicine that is loved by both children and adults. The medicine is applied to sweet granules, which makes it more appealing. Despite its small dose, homeopathy has a powerful effect due to the process of potentisation.

This unique preparation transforms the memory of the medicine into a substance that resonates with the body’s healing power.

While this concept has been discovered on a quantum level by scientists, it has not yet seen wide usage in pharmaceutical medicine. Homeopathy can effectively treat a variety of conditions including asthma, obesity, IBS, autoimmune diseases, eczema and more. The most important aspect of homeopathic medicine is its safety, as it does not have any harmful side effects. By triggering the body’s natural healing abilities, homeopathy can help restore health and vitality.

Effectiveness of homeopathy in treating various conditions

Homeopathy fixes health on physical, energy and mind levels, it is for health, it is not for disease.

Homeopathy has been shown to be effective in treating auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and others by restoring the body’s immune response. Homeopathic remedies can also help reduce inflammation and pain and improve overall health.

By restoring balance to the cells and tissues in the body, homeopathy can help to slow the progression of any type of degenerative diseases and improve the quality of life overall.

Psychiatric conditions typically develop gradually and not suddenly, as both the mind and body are interconnected. It’s likely that there the issue lies in an individual’s lifestyle, leading to the development of these conditions, and where homeopathy can certainly help.

Any type of acute or seasonal diseases does not exist if your immune system is strong. You will not experience any seasonal disease. However, if your immune system is low and the body is loaded with sugar, drugs or toxins, then bacteria and viruses will survive in this environment, which is why these acute or seasonal conditions are considered as signs that you need to pay attention to your body.