Dubai: Dubai Municipality on Thursday recalled Milka Oreo chocolate bars from stores after a wrong translation in labeling mentioned “alcohol” in the Arabic list of ingredients.

The Food Safety Department of the civic body on Thursday said the recall followed rumours in social media that these chocolate bars contain alcohol.

“We received the rumour for clarification through our WhatsApp service and we checked the product. Samples were tested and we found that there is no alcohol in the product. But the problem was a wrong translation of the product label,” an official told Gulf News.

In the Arabic label, she explained, the ingredient chocolate liquour, which is semi-solid cocoa paste, was split into two words while translation. “Then they translated liquor as alcoholic beverages in Arabic. That created the confusion and rumours.”

The department posted on its social media pages that it was requested to withdraw the product from all the shops that are selling this chocolate within two days to prevent confusion among consumers.

“We have also contacted the company to make the correction and find out who made the mistake,” the official said.

She added that the product is halal and safe to consume and the recall is only to avoid misunderstanding and further spread of rumours among the consumers.

The municipality urged the public not to be deceived by rumours on some online websites and social media accounts about the specifications and components of food products and asked them to verify the authenticity of such information through its WhatsApp service 0501077799