Saudi German Hospital Open-Heart surgery
The patient was admitted to the emergency department at the hospital with severe calcifications in the aortic valve and megalocardia Image Credit: Supplied

An Asian patient, 55, successfully underwent open-heart surgery at Saudi German Hospital – Dubai. He was suffering from cardiomyopathy and had to get the damaged coronary and aortic valves replaced, which led to a remarkable improvement in the general health of the man. He was also suffering from asthma, diabetes, hypotension, cholesterol, apnea and pneumonia; however, he recently recovered from pneumonia.

The patient was admitted to the emergency department at the hospital with severe calcifications in the aortic valve and megalocardia, leading to poor systole in each heartbeat, and thus heart valve disorder and blood flow disorder.

“The major health issue suffered by the patient was heart valve disorder, which was confirmed by 2D echocardiography and coronary angiography, along with the routine cardiac rays and blood tests,” said Dr Sameer Diwale, Consultant Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon.

“The decision to perform the surgery, which lasted six hours, was taken promptly to ensure non-deterioration of the patient’s condition. During the surgery, the heart was stopped for only two hours after the patient was put on cardiopulmonary bypass. The two damaged valves were replaced by two tissue valves, which will help the patient to lead a normal life for 10-15 years without any blood thinner medication. Once the new valves were safely inserted, the patient was taken off from cardiopulmonary bypass and the heart returned to function normally. After a while, the man was discharged from the hospital in very good health condition,” added Dr Diwale.

Dr Diwale explained that cardiomyopathy makes the heart lose its ability to pump blood properly, therefore the body’s organs are not supplied with abundant volumes of blood and oxygen, leading to a constant feeling of exhaustion and fatigue. “The Open-Heart Surgery Department in Dubai has always performed similar surgeries and saved many lives from health deterioration and serious complications,” he said.

Dr Reem Osman, Group CEO, Saudi German Hospitals UAE, said that the continuous success of complicated open-heart surgeries is a milestone, a breakthrough for the hospital and a promising beginning in the hospital’s journey of saving the lives of hundreds of heart patients. “The patients referred by insurance companies to undertake these complicated surgery, positions Saudi German Hospital Dubai as the centre for heart care,” said Dr Osman. “It is the group’s strategy and goal to establish centres for various departments including Heart Centre, Neuroscience Centre, Women Health Centre, Child Health Centre, Oncology Centre, General Surgery Centre, etc., to provide advanced and specialised medical care to the people.”

Dr Reem expressed her happiness and appreciated Dr Diwale and all the team, who were part of this successful surgery and in the mission of saving lives.