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Burjeel Pharmacy, a chain of retail pharmacies in the UAE under Burjeel Holdings, has made customer experience the focal point in transforming how pharmacies are serving patients in the era of digitalization. The pharmacy chain is focusing on improving patient experience by introducing easy access and a hassle-free shopping experience, ensuring that their convenience is a top priority. By taking a multi-channel approach towards wellness, the focus is on a more unified experience.

Deepak Chauhan, Director, Burjeel Pharmacy, the retail pharmacy chain of Burjeel Holdings, speaks to Gulf News about how advancements in technology and the growing emphasis on patient-centric care are transforming pharmacies.

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The pharmacy industry is undergoing a significant transformation, and Burjeel Pharmacy is at the forefront of these changes. Could you tell us more about the trends that are transforming pharmacies into wellness centers of the future?

We are witnessing a remarkable shift in the role of pharmacies. They are evolving into wellness destinations, emphasizing holistic and personalized care beyond medication dispensing. With advancing technology, our focus is on enhancing productivity, simplifying access to care, and improving the customer experience. At Burjeel Pharmacy, we believe that by providing convenient primary care services in neighborhoods, pharmacies can alleviate the burden on emergency facilities and promote overall well-being.

One key aspect of this transformation is the elevation of the roles of pharmacists and technicians. How do you envision their roles changing to meet these evolving healthcare needs?

Pharmacists and technicians will play pivotal roles in the future of healthcare. They are well-qualified to offer a wide range of healthcare services beyond medication dispensing. Our pharmacists possess the knowledge and qualifications necessary to advise patients on drug and therapy choices and provide counseling to manage health conditions effectively. By harnessing data and analytics, we aim to empower our staff to move up the value chain into patient consultation, advisory, and customized care, creating a more patient-centric experience.

It’s interesting to see that the future pharmacy experience will combine both physical and virtual services. Could you elaborate on how this multi-channel approach will work and how it will benefit your customers?

The multi-channel approach is all about convenience. It allows our customers to access our products and services through the channel that suits them best, whether it’s our physical stores or virtual platforms. We’re working on creating a seamless experience through a ‘digital front door’, ensuring that customers can interact with us in a way that’s most convenient for them, all while receiving consistent and high-quality service.

Innovation is a driving force behind this transformation. Could you share more about the innovations that Burjeel Pharmacy is embracing to empower your team and enhance the patient experience?

Innovation is at the core of our strategy. We’re dedicated to increasing productivity by empowering our pharmacists, streamlining operations, and enhancing the overall patient experience. We’re making significant investments in technology and collaboration with various stakeholders to transform the entire pharmacy industry. Our focus is on finding efficiencies, improving patient care, and staying at the forefront of healthcare innovations to ensure we meet the evolving needs of our customers.

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