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As part of her breast cancer treatment N.H. had to remove her left breast, but then she wanted to reconstruct the removed area. However, due to the treatment and radiotherapy it was not possible to have a breast implant. The only way to reconstruct the area was a DIEP flap.

“A DIEP flap is regarded as the gold standard in breast reconstruction,” explains Dr Demetrius Evriviades, Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital. “It involves giving the patient a tummy tuck but by preserving the excess tissue and its supplying blood vessels and then transplanting it to the chest, it can be used to create a new breast. A microscope is used to rejoin blood vessels between the chest wall and the transplant to keep it alive.”

N.H. underwent the DIEP flap surgery at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital.

“The surgery was quite delicate and complex but went smoothly and as planned,” says Dr Evriviades who led the surgery. “The advantage of this method of breast reconstruction is that the reconstructed breast is composed completely of the patient's own tissue and no breast implant is required. Therefore once it is completely healed, the new breast is entirely natural and feels completely normal. An additional benefit is that the patient also gets a tummy tuck in the process. I call this nip, tuck, reconstruct!”

Dr Demetrius Evriviades, Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital Image Credit: Supplied

The patient was discharged from the hospital after a few days and she was perfectly well in her follow-up visit to the doctor.

“Surgery was a big success for me and my experience at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital was amazing,” says N.H. “All the team was great and very well skilled. Special thanks to Dr Demetrius for his expertise as a doctor, amazing surgery outcomes and care.”

The DIEP flap is regarded as the gold standard breast reconstruction as it gives the most natural and long-lasting reconstruction available in the world today. “Only units and surgeons with a microsurgical expertise have the capability to provide this surgery,” explains Dr Evriviades.

David Jelley, Hospital Director at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, says, “Such major surgeries are life changers and do make a great impact on the patient and their family. We are delighted to be able to provide this advanced breast reconstruction at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital. It’s always our goal to ensure that patient experience, care and treatment meets and exceeds the highest international standards.”