Patients at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital are now benefiting from precise and personalised knee replacement surgery with a robotic surgical assistant, ROSA. As a result, they are able to recover faster and achieve a greater degree of joint flexibility allowing them a quicker return to normal activity.

The ROSA Knee System first uses a series of X-rays to create a 3D model of the patient’s knee. Based on their surgical needs, the surgeon will advise on a clinically proven knee implant system that is best suited to them. The surgeon will use their experience alongside the information from ROSA to plan specific details of the knee replacement prior to the surgery. During surgery, ROSA uses a camera and sensor to know exactly where the patient’s knee is - it can detect even the smallest movements in real time. Providing live feedback throughout surgery via a digital display and with the help of a robotic guiding arm, ROSA helps the surgeon precisely place the implant according to their plan.

There are three major positive impacts on the surgical outcomes with ROSA: greater accuracy than traditional methods, enhanced and smoother surgical experience, and faster recovery.

“Total knee replacement surgery is a very common and effective treatment for patients suffering with knee arthritis,” says Dr Rik Kundra, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Head of the Knee Unit at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital. “However, the success of an individual’s knee replacement surgery is closely linked to the fit and function of the new knee implant. The new ROSA Knee System at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital can help support the surgeon to target better fit and function than ever before.”

David Jelley, Hospital Director at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, says, “Clinical quality and patient safety is at the forefront of our decision-making, so procuring the group’s 13th Zimmer ROSA was an easy decision following the amazing feedback we received from our sister hospitals in Switzerland, the UK and South Africa. To ensure the best possible outcomes, ROSA helps our surgeons assess the knee with the implant in place enabling precise adjustments before finishing the surgery. The future for successful total knee replacements is certainly robotic-assisted surgery.”