Mediclinic City Hospital has a dedicated unit for liver and pancreas-related diseases Image Credit: Supplied

Surgeons at Mediclinic City Hospital’s dedicated liver unit have successfully performed a right side hepatectomy on a patient suffering from polycystic liver disease, removing a portion of the liver - over 25cm in length and 2.1kg in weight.

Polycystic liver disease is a rare condition that causes cysts (fluid-filled sacs) to grow throughout the liver. The patient, Odracir Faustino, a 48 year old Filipino was known to have multiple liver cysts. Two years ago, he had a surgery to drain some of the cysts. However, the cysts recurred, multiplying and growing in size up to 15cm, causing him severe discomfort.

“Due to hypertension, I schedule annual full body checks-ups. On my most recent checks, the doctor found more fluid cysts on my liver," said Faustino. "I previously had operated on these, but the cysts has recurred and now had also multiplied, which was the reason behind my discomfort. I was referred by my gastroenterologist to see Dr. Hemant who heads the dedicated liver team at the hospital.” 

Following the referral to the dedicated liver unit at Mediclinic City Hospital, Dr Hemant Vadeyar, Consultant Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary and Liver Transplant Surgeon, discussed the case at the weekly GI and liver multidisciplinary team meeting (MDT).

This is a meeting conducted weekly between all the specialists involved in treating patients with gastrointestinal and liver cancers and other complex cases. This is a unique service and the only one of its kind in Dubai provided at Mediclinic City Hospital as part of the Comprehensive Cancer Centre. In the case of Faustino, the MDT, after reviewing the case in detail, recommended to go ahead with a surgical resection (removal) of the part of the liver containing the cysts.

Dubai-resident Odracir Faustino recently went for a surgical resection (removal) of the part of his liver containing cysts at Mediclinic City Hospital Image Credit: Supplied

“The procedure entailed removal of a large portion of his liver, approximately 70 per cent. This involved a major surgery lasting over eight hours," said Dr Hemant.

"Despite undergoing the complicated procedure, the patient recovered well with minimal blood loss and there was no need for transfusion. The surgery involved coordinated teamwork between the specialist liver surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, technicians and the ICU team. He stayed one day in ICU and was then moved to the ward. He is now eating and drinking normally, is fully mobile and was discharged from the hospital on the seventh day after this surgery. Liver surgery is now a routine procedure performed at the Mediclinic City Hospital. It is a safe procedure when performed by a trained and qualified liver surgeon backed by an experienced team. As in the case of Faustino, most liver surgeries can now be performed without the need for a blood transfusion and associated with good recovery postoperatively,” explained Dr Hemant.

Odracir Faustino, a civil engineer who has been in Dubai for the last 20 years, further added, “Dr Hemant did a great job with my surgery and he meticulously explained the process to me. I have always had great support and faith in the calibre of the doctors at Mediclinic City Hospital as we have always visited the different specialities. It is great to know that the hospital houses primary and tertiary super specialities all under one roof. My recovery has been great and better than I anticipated – thanks to the fantastic team at the hospital.”